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Dem Get-A-Way-Boyz – Leave Me Girl lyrics

You Said You Love Me
So Why did you Leave me Girl
I gave my All to You
You turned yo back on me
So tell me what it do
Is we through (2x)

So baby come and tell me what you really just wanna do I just wanna kick it baby just some kung for. Having bad days cause you messed with the wrong dude. I'm tryna tell you boo that is some thing you don't do. Runnin round town looking for you a get away. Open up your eyes I'm right here right up in your face. So why you wanna leave me boo. Call me when you need me? Walkin right up out the door that what's you gone see me do. Baby stop playing these games. I'm down on my hands and my knees so baby please don't leave me. You all that I need and that I want. I bet I don't be the same person when you leave me alone All because you gone since you so grown just remember how bad you did a nigga wrong.

You Said You Love Me
So Why did you Leave me Girl
I gave my All to You
You turned yo back on me
So tell me what it do
Is we through (2x)

Ay baby listen up lemme talk for a while, stop goin crazy like a
Girl goin wild, we got a lot of problems yea we need to work it out
Been at it for a while why give up now?, I love ya girl. Love yo
Style. I love yo lips, I kno you love the way I grip yo hips
Wen we kiss, but shawy is we dun, c** on baby this is it
You say you love me you even thought about kids, rememba all of tha gud
Times that we had, and how hard of work since you been n da past
Promise to each otha we wuld alwayz make it last
But you afraid cuz you make a break and slipped and dropped da glazz, well tell me y you want
Me to stay From the look of thingz I think yu just wanna get away
So Ima do you a fava since kali so fly
And let you do yo thang wit anotha guy

You said you love me
So why did you leave me girl
I gave my all to you
You turned yo back on me
So tell me what it do
Is we through (2x)

Lil mama tell me what it do, is it still gone be me and you, cause I ain't got time to try to find time if we thru. Is we thru?, now you steady lieing all in my face, saying that you love me, but tell me how, girl don't cry, cause you wasn't crying when you did that dirt, so don't cry now, a wise man told me, neva leave the one that you love to be with the one you like, old girl should have listened, you in that position, beggin me and tellin me you want to do right, we break up to make up, forgive and forget, but nall I just don't feel the same, maybe when I'm gone and you spend time alone. You'll feel my pain... My pain...

I gave you everythang
You gave me nuthin back
I gave you everythang
That you asked even more
I gave you everythang
I gave you more than you asked
I gave you everythang
But you turned yo back on me like that

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