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Dawg Life – I Can't Even Lie lyrics

We in this bitch live (I can't even lie)
We in this bitch high (I can't even lie)
We in this bitch live (I can't even lie)
We in this bitch high (I can't even lie)
Now Roll Up (Then Pour up)
Now Roll Up (Then Pour up)
Now Roll Up (Then Pour up)
Now Roll Up (Then Pour up)
We in this bitch live (I can't even lie)
We in this bitch high (I can't even lie)

[Verse 1 - Gent]
We in this bitch live I can't even lie. We in this bitch high-er than the sky. Ya better fix ya face and stay in ya place. Or say something stupid I smash you like a grape. Then make some grape jelly out your fruity ass. Then burn off in the Chevy it go super fast. Raised in Funk Town where niggas down to blast. I got a Southside bitch she stay gettin cash.
I got a Eastwood bitch she love my dawg ass
She like to roll my sweets she keep them hoes coming.
We keep on buying drinks we in this bitch buzzing
We in this bitch live what you thought that we wasn't.

[Verse 2 - Tonn Deep]
Fuck the friendly shit I ain't letting niggas slide. Before I sell dope again I'd rather commit homicide. Game full of snitches they ain't got stitches. Ain't nobody dumping cheese eatin bitches in ditches. But fuck the bullshit I'm bout to smoke the Keish to Ash. Turn the bottle up as I squeeze ya baby mama ass. Tonn Deep a thorough-bread nigga you ain't gotta ask. I ain't listening to that shit you kicking boy that shit trash. I'm in this bitch faded you just overrated. The money I never strayed it gettingbpaid. Was contemplated. Even when I'm broke I shine niggas can't fuck with mine. And I ain't gonna say it noun nutha muthafucking time.

[Verse 3 - Nucky Breaux]
Guess who's in that cloud of smoke me lil momma and her crowed throat. Vip got her poppin foe me got lots of one no stoppin honey. We party hard got the drank pouring. Music blarring she all for it. No ass foe days I got time to kill. Its been a couple hours I'm behind it still. Dawg Life grindin still. Nucky Breaux Jr. Behind the wheel. We gone ride this bitch till wheels fall off. Slidin wit the slip no bannana peels. No luck just skill clutch that steel these niggas be fake but these hollow points real. Smokin on Kesh feeling on Kesh I'm in my zone but tha chromes in reach. Don't start nutin won't be nutin its too many hoes to be mean muggin. Betta get you one foe I split ya wig and the last thing you'll see'll be me coming. We get it live I can't even lie Dawg Life nigga I'm just being honjest. I'm smoking trees all in ya face now that's what I call really being blunted.

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