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Darkwater – The Play - II lyrics

Is this coming to an end?
I've seen the writings for years now
I've always tried to send this message
To all, but it seems like I've failed

Broken, torn and misled
By the thoughts in my head
Seems like all that I see
Takes a hold of me

I can't fight this desert in my heart
Left behind by the ones that I love
I would fly to the end
If they could only see
Just look at me

Thee are voices in my head
I do not know if they're real or not
I remember what they said
"Take all your fears
And turn them into hate"
They are trying to pull me down
Tearing and ripping, confusing me
If only someone could help
I've prayed for so long
Still they don't see, don't hear me

Facing ground just once more
Wondering what it's all for
Nothing I could foresee
It takes a hold of me

I can't fight this desert in my heart
Left behind by the ones that I love
I will fly to the end
If you'd only believe me
Well look and see

"These words now left with you,
Were too hard for me to say alive
I never meant to go this way, but in the
End I was facing too much for me to bear.
Forgive me just this once, 'cause life has
Done me wrong. I feel, I've been set aside
So quietly I walk... "

And darkness turns into light
And warmth now fills my soul

I have found a stillness in my heart
Left the past behind
With the ones that I love
I can fly to the end, can you finally see
Now look at me...

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