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Danyo Cummings – Hookin Up lyrics

We've come along ways from sendin letters
To say how we feel about girl
From high school days these games we used to play
But now were in the real world
On thing I see that still remains is the way
We keep using loves name in vain
Relationships fallin apart
People are forgetting their true love from their hearts

Cause you see it all around, same old shit
Somebody tell me what happened to relationships(x2)

Cause it's all about the hookin up
Everywhere I go in people hookin up
Everybody's down with the hookin up
Cause their not cool if their hookin up(x2)

I know I'm no better just things get a little outta control
I manages some mans with needs I understand
Where did your hearts go?
I'm not here to judge, cause I could be the same
But how can you love a girl
And not know her name?
It's a shame asking
Someday we will all grow old and have kids of our own
Guys, please take it easy
All these girls can be deceiving
And please girls don't be so easy
All misleading
Cause your tears are more than that

I wanna go back sometimes
To days where we used to have butterflies
So I miss those innocent days
Now it's so hard cause things will never be the same

Cause it's all about the hookin up
Everywhere I goins people hookin up
Everybody's down with the hookin up
Cause their not cool if their hookin up(x2)

You're not cool if you're not hookin up(x4)

When kisses are sacred
Love was this some complicated long before we
Saw each other naked
I sit and watch the time changing
Mocks speed
I wonder why we feel for things that are fond
More than what we all need
Tainted love and being intimate
I must sound just like a hypocrite
But then I can't
Don't we all get sick of it?
It kills me to see the ones I love in this game
No ones to blame
Society and times have changed

Reminiscing on the days we could easily say
I love you without a hidden agenda at play
I pray my words are heard and understood so not to be in vain
I shook my head in shame I walk away
I hope you do the same

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