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Dance Dance Revolution – Captain Jack lyrics

Left, go right, go pick up the step,
Go left, go right, go left.

A-O Captain Jack(repeat)
Bring me back to the railroad track (repeat)
Give me a gun in my hand (repeat)
I wanna be your shooting man (repeat)

Left, Right, Left (repeat)
The military step (repeat)
The airforce rep (repeat)
The seventeen is the best.(repeat)
Left, go right, go pick up the step, go left, go right, go left.(repeat)

We Are,
Running to the railroad track
Run along with Captain Jack
Badidado Badidado
Run along with Captain Jack
Run until the Peace come back
Run along with Captain Jack
Badidado, Badidado, Badidadidadidado
Left Right Right Left
Run along with Captain Jack

Left, go right, go pick up the step,
Go left, go right, go left.

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    It means to dance in such a way that you are representing the military of the country. Its very meaningful and whenever I dance to this when I'm home alone in my dark corner I dream of being a military superstar. I even bought a fake gun to dance with. Captain jack is actually my brother in law and when people make fun of him it makes me want to chop off their faces! Captain jack is nasty and cool and off the chain, please respect him he's not someone to mess with!
    -jeff skandep (captain jack's brother in law).
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