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Damn Yankees – Damn Yankees lyrics

Hey brother
Ready for Another
Dose of my Yankee Pride
In the jungle
Ya just might stumble
Onto something that you never tried

Got that right

There was trouble in the east
Worry in the west
Till the wall came tumblin' down
Shift in the sand
Rockets to the madman
Haven't heard a sound

You don't have to worry
Help is on the way
We don't need no "thank you, ma'am"
We know what they're gonna say

(They say) Hey, hey, Damn Yankee
Woh, Oh, Oh, Damn Yankee

(How we doin')

Now I say what I want
And I do what I want
And I go where I want to go
Ain't no strong man
Safe from the hang man
Baby, now, don't ya know

If you need assitance
I'll be on the way
Run into a little resistance
Ya know what they're gonna say

(They say) Hey, hey, Damn Yankee
Woh, oh, oh, Damn Yankee
Hey, hey, Damn Yankee

[guitar solo]

They landed at Plymouth Rock
The kids was ready to roll
Greasy dictator down south of us *
Lost all control *
He didn't have time to see me
He didn't have time to thank me
Suck on the barrel of my hot shotgun
Smile when you say "Damn Yankee"

Hey, hey, Damn Yankee
Woh, oh, oh, Damn Yankee
Hey, hey, Damn Yankee
Woh, oh, oh, Damn Yankee

Damn Yankee
Damn Yankee

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    This is another one of Ted Nugent's pro usa songs with the writing skills of Tommy and Jack:.
    "Hey Brother, ready for another dose of my Yankee pride. In the Jungle you just might stumble on something that you never tried."
    Translated: Don't mess with us (The us) again or we will surprise you.
    "There was trouble in the East, Worry in the West til the wall came tumbling down"
    Translated: Germany was a mess until Reagan said "tear down this wall."
    "Shift in the sand, rockets to a mad man, haven't heard a sound"
    Translated: This song was written at the time of Iraq invasion Kuwait but prior to the war. The sand refers to the deserts of the middle east. Madman is Sadam Hussein (or was).
    Bridge and Refrain: The us will be there to help you when you need us. You call us Damn Yankees but when you need us you call us still.
    "They landed at Plymouth Rock, the kids was ready to role, Greasy dictator down south of us lost all control. Smile when you say damn Yankee>.
    This was referring to the Invasion of Panama and Manuel Noreaga.
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