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Damien Fernandez – Missing Pieces lyrics

Big sunglasses cover up last night
No need to sleep cuz she never get tired
Now it's Saturday, time to do it again
Hit every single club where she already been

Now she livin for the night life in it for the fight
Type a or type b which one you poppin 2nite
When she alone then she cries, but no body can hear
Cuz she lost all the little pieces and no body
Could care

She like 2 go go she don't wanna slow down
Wanna feel like something's goin right
And she can dance man you wanna she her break
It down
She got nuthin so she never thinks twice
She wanna party when everybody goes home
Cuz you know she can't stand to be alone
That's why she cries cuz she know she movin crazy
Movin too fast not to keep goin

And you can try you can try but your never gonna
Find the missing pieces

Big sunglasses cover up last night
Smoke machines and laser light shows
She's a winner but winners have got they're limit
Play the game long enough and anybody can lose

Wrong party and the wrong kind of crowd
Wrong people on the wrong side of town
Door covered up you aint leavin now
You drink to forget it but you know that it keeps
Creeping out so...

Turn the music up so no body can hear
The ways she cried so loud but no body could care
Unaware that she's never gonna find, find the missing pieces

Too many pills to many sips of chardonnay
Mamma told her but she had to learn the harder way
The back room's got secrets for the pretty girls
Now the truth no it aint such a pretty world

She keeps tryna find the missing pieces
But she's lookin where they never gonna be
She can't run forever cause nothin is forever
Least that's what my pappa told me

Oh oh if you wanna be low then be low, be low
Oh oh she don't wanna be low all alone, all alone

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