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D4L – Check My Footwork lyrics

Check my footwork, Check my footwork
Check my footwork, Check my footwork
"Ye' in got these"
"Ye' in got these"
Stop lookin at em' hard "ye'in got these
Check my footwork, Check my footwork
Check my footwork, Check my footwork
"Ye' in got these"
"Ye' in got these"
Stop lookin at em' hard "ye'in got these

[Verse 1:]
24'inch Diamonds on my truck with
The rolex,(okkay...)
Batman doors on that thang can you
Top that,(What!!...)
Earrings in my ear like tiger woods
Golf balls,
Say puck, puck mothafucka I got all
Of y'all,
Slublas so clean you can see paint gleam
When I pull up on the seen smoking on
That that purple thing,
Cause dem playas ride hard from the
A to savannah,
Even down in Mississppi you can ask
"Daivid Banner",
Check my red & black laces in my new
Micheal vicks,
Hurry up and take a look uhoo...
Dey to quick,
Check my airforce ones wit basketball
Stop lyin playa hater you know you
Aint got em'


[Verse 2:]
Playa check my footwork I kept
Fresh pair kicks,
What'cha know bout dem S. Carter
You on some micheal vicks,
Wit match'n vicks niggaz gon' stair
But dey can't say shit,
And sense I'm thug'n pretty bitches
Gon' stair but can't say shit,
Cause I'm not the top that gon'
Step out and do the penny load
I kept it d boy fresh....
Them shoes then cause a pretty
1st impression is everythang
And sense I'm the main attraction
"What the fuck I look like walkin up
Outta the house dress'in like micheal
Jackson, "
So please believe these 9rounds 4/4s
On my neck and wrists,
These custom made diamonds
Question is can afford this?
Shoe on the esg en the drop top cutlas
We then dug drop 24's in the 5 star but'nicks


[Verse 3:]
Check my footwork playa you can't do
It like me!,
On the floor n the club I'm like muhammad ali
I can bounch to the left I can bounch it
To the right,
I can eastside stomp and make that thang
Look tight..,
Laid back roll jack playa say it aint so...
I been stomp'n so hard that I hurt my big
"Ye'in Got These"
"Ye'in Got These"
Stop lookin at em' hard!
"Ye'in Got These"


[Outro Verse: Talking]
You can tell a nigga hustla when
You look at his shoes,[x2]
"Ye'in Got These,"Ye'in Got These"
Stop lookin at em' hard...
"Ye'in Got These"
"You can tell a nigga hustla
When you look at his shoe[x2]
"Ye'in Got These"
"Ye'in Got These"
Stop look at em hard
("Ye'in Got Thes")

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