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Cynthia Harrell – I Am The Wind lyrics

Just like the wind,
I've always been
Drifting high up in the sky that never ends
Through thick and thin,
I always win
'Cause I would fight both life and death to save a friend

I face my destiny every day I live
And the best in me is all I have to give

Just like the sun (Just like the sun)
When my day's done
Sometimes I don't like the person I've become
Is the enemy within a thousand men?
Should I walk the path if my world's so dead ahead?

Is someone testing me every day I live?
Well, the best in me is all I have to give

I can pretend (I can pretend)
I am the wind (I am the wind)
And I don't know if I will pass this way again
All things must end
Goodbye, my friend
Think of me when you see the sun or feel the wind

I am the wind,
I am the sun
And one day we'll all be one

I am the wind,
I am the sun
And one day we'll all be one

I am the wind,
I am the sun
And one day we'll all be one

I am the wind,
I am the sun
One day we'll all be one...

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    I think this song is about how Alucard cannot truly fit in with humanity and so he becomes "the wind" to distance himself yet still keeping his friends (Richter and Maria) in mind. Alternatively, it may be also talking about Alucard's father Dracula whom he hates yet perhaps still loves (deleted dialogue suggests this) because he is family. Perhaps "the sun" is Dracula watching over Alucard from beyond the graveyard as a solace for his son's loneliness. Some of the lyrics mention how Alucard will always fight to do what is right and protect what little friends he has left. As cheesy as people like to harp on this song, it has kind of a dual meaning for both Alucard and Dracula. Both of them are vampires and in Alucard's case he is a dhampir; they will always be outcasts to humanity. There is a message of peace that Alucard believes one day humans and vampires will be friends and this indeed does happen kind of in the later games, I guess. Tons of loneliness in the song and it's pretty bittersweet.
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