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Mr. Dieingly Sad lyrics

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Critters – Mr. Dieingly Sad lyrics

Just a breeze will muss your hair
But you smile away each little care
And if the rain should make you blue
You say tomorrow is a new
Blue be your eyes, blonde your hair
You realize beyond a care
Life's in a hurry, but
You've got no worry, you're
So mystifyingly glad
I'm Mr. Dieingly Sad

And when the leaves begin to fall
Answering old winter's call
I feel my tears, they fall like rain
Weeping forth the sad refrain
Blue, dark, and dim it may seem
You mark a grin, a moonbeam
Brightens your smile, pray tell me
How all the while you can be
So mystifyingly glad
I'm Mr. Dieingly Sad

You say "take my hand and walk with me
Wake this land and stop the sea
Show me love, unlock
All doors
I'm yours"

Then the tide rolls up to shore
I whisper low, "I love you more
More than even you could know"
Adore me do so I could show
I'm so mystifyingly glad
Not Mr. Dieingly Sad

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    It reminds me of my older brother, with whom I played in several bands with. He had a keen ear for the best songs and this was one we had in our book, along with many of the best songs of the mid to late 60's. I learned to appreciate really good music from him. My dear brother passed away on nov. 4, 2000 but I have many wonderful memories of our times making music together and this song is one that brings good feelings.
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    Joanie--I love this song. I was 16 when it came out. I actually met the Critters with a girlfriend of mine. We worked next door in a book distributor bldg. In Hillside, nj. I went on a date with one of them. It was a short date, for reasons you can guess. He was a gentleman and took me right home, when I asked. I do remember their agent, Jerry Davis on North Broad St. , next to the "Englanders" Tavern.
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