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Connie Francis – Whatcha Got Is Whatcha Gettin' lyrics

*Scratches and cuts by dj 1TakeWillie*
"Slid down the banister like I was insane"
"Grabbed my Gucci watch and my fly gold chain"

Whatcha got is whatcha gettin'
Whatcha got got is whatcha gettin' saayyy!

Praised amazed kinda dazed when I plays
From the time inclined I used to rhyme I went for mine
They pullin' nines to draw the lines
To get the cash real fast for a blast
The task at last unmask the true villain, yo!
Does he clock the rocks to fill his pocks and his socks
Or does the dough make him slow for the know how to flow
Say!, that's when I fucked up

It's the season of the vicin', the mentals doing dickin'
If it's yours for the pickin' like the new gear or some kicks and
A new cartridge for Nintendo, then ya pretend no
And get all offended cause ya ain't no big time spendo
Ya low on the backs of the green type kind
Like Mr. Mac Money without the money or the mind
And then you're sure ta find, "Yo can't do nuthin' for ya"
Cause ya sold out ya kin like you was Latoya
Jackson but no action countin' papes in small fractions
Whatcha woulda had if ya did a little stashin'
Ta hell with the fashion, fashion is for the daisies
Beware of the rancor of the anchors of the crazy shadies

Fees, fees, and fees, making music for the fees
The label said "bend over bro and take ya royalties"
It's a mad kinda madness, this serial madness
Sad kinda sadness saying yo I gotta have this


Now here come ole
Flattop fresh with Fila hightop
Boots and the scoop is chillin' at the bus stop
On a split shift, spliffed with the swiftness
Gotta gotta get yo, who's he gonna gets this time
Because it's payday the first day is the heyday
The S. S. Checks is here so now it's May Day
Solo, oh no, rollin' like a Rollo
Maxin for the buddy coming down with the Herringbone
Up on Erie Ave., so one starts ta grab
Didn't quite have so the buddy starts ta jab
He didn't have to fight cause dig it's 92
Dude got screwed Flattop had a double 2
Bust him in the gut, yeah he bust him in the gut
Now I'm wearing black and for what?
So you can be the man and glam and like you're grand
And get dicked by big Uncle Scam, damn

*Scratches and cuts*
"Slid down the banister like I was insane"
"Grabbed my Gucci watch and my fly gold chain"

Whatcha got is whatcha gettin'
Whatcha got got is whatcha gettin'

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