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Common Market – His Eminence lyrics

"... Politickin' with the big boys... prince of eminence
Small town royalty... salute the procession.
Jimmy had a six-string, Jimmy had a drum
Jimmy had a six-pack, Jimmy had a gun
Jimmy had a problem and Jimmy had to run
And since, I've resented that jimmy ever had a son
Where you been, jimmy? You know a lotta things changed
After you left
On who rests blame? We're all clueless
Effects of undue stress caused a few to lose breath
And question, 'after you, who's next?'
The true test of how strong the bond's tied
Comes right around the time the patriarch dies
How many McKinney's left? You can count 'em on one hand
Your legacy's as petty as you - understand?
It's a cold world & I've seen a grip of cats freeze
At times you had me thinkin' I'm sick with that disease
Contemplatin' my fate,.38 ways to face it
Put the metal in my mouth at nineteen, just to taste it
The flavor of black powder requires an acquired palette
Look at me preachin' to the choir about it, I doubt it
Ever even crossed your mind, tryin' to shoulder
The weight of raisin' a daughter demands a harder spine
Stunned, shocked, what one shot could do to the fam
The bough breaks, nowadays I call your mother 'ruthann'
She hardly know me, slowly we drifted through the
Recently I visited to introduce my seed
Trouble breathin', oxygen helps mask the wheezin'
Ashtray in the kitchen overflowin' with the reason
'Them's Johnny's.' he passed through when we was
Lookin' like he seen a ghost in my frame - he started
We talked for hours; told him 'you gotta let go.'
Imagine in twenty years how many others said so
I can't connect with him, so I stop - he's not ready
Lost touch with reality + Josh and Debbie
It's a heavy burden [he] struggles to find steady work
And he hasn't played the drums since y'all was last
I heard your moms gave him the house, it caused
With Cheryl and Becky especially when he lost it
It's pitiful, your little brother is literally
Trapped in a void and that bad choice was pivotal
Damn, you got him stuck in a rut, I'm singin'
'Johnny was a good man...' but you fucked that up
Aiyo it's complicated commiseratin' with the complacent
The blank stare on his face remains vacant
What a disgrace, he wastes every day he lives
And I still can't decide if that's your fault or his..."

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