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Cocorosie – Gallows lyrics

It was just before the moon hung
Her weary heavy head in
The gallows and the graves of
The milky milky cradle
His tears have turned to poppies
A shimmer in the midnight
A flower in the twilight
A flower in the twilight

And our screaming
Is in his screaming
Our screaming in the willow

They took him to the gallows
He fought them all the way though
And when they asked us how we knew his name
We died just before him
Our eyes are in the flowers
Our hands are in the branches
Our voices in the breezes

And our screaming
Is in his screaming
Our screaming in the willow tree

We're waiting by the willow
Our milky milky cradle
Our lockets long have rusted
His picture worn and weathered
Our hair is in the garden
The roses in our toeses
Our heart are in the blossoms
Our eyes are in the branches

And our screaming
Is in his screaming
Our screaming in the willow tree

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    The girl was actually schizophrenic. So. It was only 1 girl. But she thot she was being followed or she had an imaginary friend. The man was her lover. He was hanged for some unknown reason. She killed herself with poison to be with him again. To be in the afterlife with him to stay in a memory or a place where they both felt safe; aka. The willow. He had given her a locket because he knew he was going to die.
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  • u
    He was having a relationship with both girls. The dual tattoos on the chest seems like a symbol of the split affection. As he was meeting them at the willow tree, he knelt down like he was proposing to them. I would think this would be the reason he was hung for. I can't imagine that a 3-way marriage would go over very well and this could have even been part of the girls' family.
    I think the girls' poisoned themselves with the idea of meeting him in the afterlife to pick up where they left off. The final scene of the young man walking towards the willow tree with a girl's hand in each of his reminds me of the last scene in titanic. Jack and rose reunited at last. Although we are left to assume this scene happened before they died, there is that lingering question of 'what really happened to them? ' if they were able to meet again, then that last scene may have been the happy ending after all.
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  • l
    I'm Guessing that they were very sheltered girls & he was a drifting gypsy. They formed some sort of attachment & quite possibly he was accused of something. Improper behavior, witchcraft or the occult. Christianity was very strong then & there was no possibility of any further friendship or courtship with a person so unlike their own kind. Very sad, accusations led to death by hanging. The girls ingested poison in order to end their lives as they were unable to have any say in the outcome of the young man's fate. A very sad & tragic tale, one that was very real in that time period. Class & breeding meant everything and one did not cross the line.
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