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Fairy Paradise lyrics

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Cocorosie – Fairy Paradise lyrics

He draws near the periphery
In disbelief on delivery
Came child from the deep inferno
Crusty head of dead volcano
Heartless crow with brittle beak
Wooden leg too shocked to speak
Lilac dust of a woman's hair
A wooden cross a paper prayer
A stone where her body lay
A stack of feathers a pile of hay
A mushroom for an eye ball
A mustache from the snow fall
Worms weave a ring where fairies square dance
Queens weave wigs with eyelash
Trance music makes the fairies dance
From the caves of snail shells
Echoes the mutter medieval spells
Mystery flows her wicked river
Of thorn and blade and silver sliver
Bending 'round the clover fields
Their sapling stems don't break but yield
Her pain inflicts no arguments
Must learn to sway and un-arrange
As earth she makes her final passage
After humans long have ravaged

Vanished with all maps for motion
Upward angels last devotion
One by one escort us home
To leave the elementals free to roam
To bathe in the last of ocean's foam
To beach comb the nuclear debris
Our plastic toys and our metal trees
Once blew the pollen the feet of bees
Now cry the stars when upon the earth
Their gaze might rest a nostalgic burst
A lament be heard through all the cosmos
For the dying planet with fallen foes

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    Seems like they are painting a picture of after basically all humanity kills itself with its own creations and that's when small little fairys emerge from their hiding place, in which they have been since the middle ages. They come out to see dead beings all over and, to them, huge toys that make "nuclear" noise. They trade things like eyeballs and body parts for currency. Yeah, that's my picture of it.
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    A baby was born and the mother died afterwards. Her headstone is where fairies gathered to dance, and then she returns to the earth. Her music makes them dance, her pain makes no arguments, then she (the earth) dies after humans destroy the earth along with themselves. Then angels come and rebuild the place, recreating us, just to start all over again. They make us remember what we have done to her, her death was heard through the universe of the 'dying planet with fallen foes' as we have all tried to destroy her only to succeed.
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    To me this means, death is a sad thing but so beautiful. Death we all weep but its life. Life is beautiful yet we complain. While things around us dance in the joy of what life is. Earth is beautiful yet we treat it like trash. Its slowly dying in the time we live on her. And no one seems to care. Yet when it come to hunaity every one cares.
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