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Chubb Rock
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Chubb Rock

East Vs. West lyrics

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Chubb Rock – East Vs. West lyrics

[chubb rock]
High sprung with the beat and the groove is sweet licorice
Whether you're white-ish, redneck-ish or [?] figureish
Whether you speak real good, or you just st-st-stammer
You a city hood or you're just country bammer
When, afraid our records would hit the top ten
But they're illin with the shillings makin sum dead yen scorn
Born, break up zulu dawn
Whether big apple, N. Y. Straight to californ'
Or miami beach, swing bassed up the hoochie
If you sample george clint', you praise crazed bootsy
Or the J. Are., texas kids with the hee-haw
And the dj kids cut {*scratch*}
It's strictly hip-hop, one two you don't stop
It's chubb rock with the chubb, and with the rawwwwwwwwk!
Testin the waters a bit
Cause I don't understand all this east/west bullshit

East vs. West, one contest
Let's see what rap kid rocks shit the best
East vs. West, one contest
Let's see what producer produce shit the best
East vs. West, one contest
Let's see what rap kid rocks shit the best
East vs. West, that's nonsense
Let's go on the ninety-six fresh fest

[chubb rock]
Whether it's he say or she say, they say or I say
If you believe in ali, or you call him cassius clay
If you're gold or platinum if those, metals don't happen
We're, all up in this peace rappin, no hands clappin
Until me done when the simple tone turns into a hum
Praise to D. M. C., I might need help from reverand run
If you boast to each coast, and you test who's the best
Thank god jehovah, allah and buddha bless
People, no sequel cause I might be dead next week
And after next week I can't turn the other cheek
This against that, high against the - hat
Black against black that is wack against wack
I've seen the promised land so the earth don't faze me
So, I should diss my brother and let the white man pay me - nah
I'll try to test the waters a bit
Cause I don't understand all this east/west bullshit


[chubb rock]
Whether it's.. Or..
Whether it's.. Or..
Whether you think magic johnson still has the magic
Or when michael jordan left basketball it was tragic
If pat rules the knicks or feel rodman is a freak
If we don't stick together we'll be up shit's creek people
After the single there might be a sequel level
And what we can't solve we'll leave for the devil
Me myself I don't care who's to blame
If the shit don't cease, we'll all have the same name
You can say fuck it, or have two quarters in the bucket
If you're folding sheets, or you're folding pure nuggets
[?] if you get a record deal or a publishing deal
Whether you're aneroxic or you have s** appeal
[?] whether you're food stampin, jackin a mansion
Whether you live in compton or you chill in east hampton
[?] whether it's weed or blow, your wife or your hoe
I don't care if you mailroom'n or you ceo
You're still a nigga..

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