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We make the sun shine, we make come on
Move with me. move with me.

Don't you think I could tell that you were trying to, trying to
Make a fool out of me. a fool out of me.
Don't you think I could tell that you were trying to, trying to
Make a fool out of me. a fool out of me.

So remember who you really are.

It's so easy to get lost in constantly having to present
Whatever face you believe a person wants to see rather than your own.

Yet we hesitate to surrender all of our insecurities
Move with me. move with me.
Only the ones we are most comfortable relinquishing
Move with me. move with me.

Don't you think I could tell that you were trying to, trying to
Make a fool out of me. a fool out of me.
Don't you think I could tell that you were trying to, trying to
Make a fool out of me. a fool out of me.

Such a paradox,
Isn't it, isn't it

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  • blue_and_yellow
    blue_and_yellowFeb 1, 2009 at 1:33 am
    So I think Craig's/whomever's story this song is based upon is this:

    He was in love with a girl, basically. But he felt as though he wasn't being himself, although he loved her all the same. Maybe he felt at some point that something wasn't right. Then he suddenly realizes that the small assumption that something was wrong proved to be quite true when she abruptly broke his heart, by lying to him/cheating on him.

    So that sent him into a spiral of depression (possibly); he was broken because he'd loved her, or at least thought he did. Then he realized that he had to move on and be his own person ("so remember who you really are.") He realized that it was easy to pretend to be someone else, to put on a mask, because you want to please someone. He tried that, and the girl didn't love him. Maybe if he had been himself, she would have seen everything he had to offer and loved him in return.

    He doesn't feel comfortable admitting all this, though. That's why after she "rejects" him (for lack of a better word), he pretty much stops talking to her at all. He doesn't know what to say. He "hesitates to surrender all of [his] insecurities."

    "Such a paradox"? He felt that something like this was going to happen, but tried to push it out of his mind. And he was the one who got hurt because he didn't act on that feeling. He waited for her to hurt him, in a sense.

    I don't know, that's just what I feel it means, because I can relate to it. I am a lot like the girl I described. But I didn't "reject" anyone, some people overreacted.
    ^(Haha, sorry about that.)
  • t
    tsaJun 25, 2008 at 12:14 am

    -he was with a girl and it was beautiful, things were so perfect it was as glorious as the sun shining so much it seemed it was them that causes it to (that’s the metaphor)

    -the girl makes a fool of him (duh) I believe this is because he loved her so much he put all his trust in her and let himself go weak to the public eye. other instances I can see of this going outside just the lyrics are like when a relationship seems one sided like to say he cared so much about her he bared all and she resisted.. I am not too sure if this relates exactly to this song but I personally relate in this manor

    -the line so remember who you are, I see this as remember the being she bared herself as and be that being not who she now is (the person she became after she "made a fool out of him")

    - yet we hesitate to surrender all of out insecurities, only the ones were most comfortable relinquishing, basically saying we bare ourselves to those were most comfortable (i.e. love) but there’s always a point when the breakup happens and all of those words are now like bullets you use against each other

    -such a paradox isn’t it, this of course relates to the above its basically (I believe) saying "cover yourself up don’t be trusting around those you love" that is the paradox but looking deeper its because; it can all be used against you in a fight or break up, which makes it a paradox because it is only looking deeper that it does not sound redundant.

    - through out the song he repeats move with me move with me I don’t fully understand this yet but its possible if he's speaking mentally or metaphorically like let yourself go be you don’t rationalize be like me move, flow

    so over all I feel this song is about bearing all the beauty of it and the consequence a lot of this is opinion and what it means to me, I don’t know what it means to the author but art is art there is no right answer.

  • s
    ScenesterloveFeb 21, 2009 at 4:07 am
    This song is about how craigs or however you spell its girlfriend cheated on him with another lead singer of a different band who's not as like "big time" as they are...

    now the guy she cheated on him with brags about it constantly...because he thinks its hilarious.
  • o
    obsidiandarkOct 16, 2008 at 6:57 am
    Wow, you basically summed up my relationship with my ex girlfriend..
    How the fuck can someone tell you they love you, after never acting like it?
    So I broke up with her, not to mention the small things which made the relationship even more difficult, and the fact she didn't try to make conversation much.

    When you do so much for a girl, and in the end, she's hardly trying to make things better for your end, even if all you want is a way to get through the most difficult bullshit of life, and she pushes you away, because she can't stand talking to frustrated people..
    It's ignorance.. I can't love someone who is ignorant towards me.. especially after everything.
  • U
    UnregisteredAug 10, 2012 at 11:22 am
    So if someone posts this song and puts your name in the place of janelle's, is that a good or bad thing. What are they trying to say by doing that. I've read so many different interpretations, i don't know what it means.

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