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Chingo Bling – Taco Shop lyrics

Taco Shop

-*Chorus*- [chingo bling]
I'll take you to tha taco shop(vamonos)
Big chile is what I got(chingo bling)
Its cheaper than any spot(uh huh uh huh)
My tacos they'll make you fart

Ill take you to the taco shop(uh huh uh huh)
Big chile is what I got(ch ch ch-unit)
Its cheaper than any spot
My tacos they'll make you fart

******[chingo bling]
Una orden de taco
And a nalga de j-lo
We can have it my spot
You got tha money to say so
Pull up to tha drivethru
In an oldsmobile
That shit comes with a chicken
They call it combo meal
You shouldeither shave
Unless ya order with tha brown lettuce
They line up on tha wall
And ask Que Quires?
His chile aint bigger than mine ya man jealous
Put plastic on my hot dog
Cause I don't want relish
King taco in a laybackwith madre in houston
I got hoes that will rob you
I got hoes that be boostin
I'm sophisticated, educated
Even hood ratas
Put da lips on my straw
And taste tha horchata
I got a couple gorditas
That will give ya tha torta
We say panocha
Some say chocha
Houston be my City
We tippin' on 4-4"s
We bring it from Mexico
We got the good doe

-*Chorus*- repeat (2)x
I'll take you to tha taco shop(oh no oh no)
Big Chile is what I got(ching no ree)
Its cheaper than any spot(uh huh uh huh)
My Tacos will make you Fart (fart)

I get it my way(yeah)
Its however I want it
I don't live near by
But I'm here for the moment
Your at tha right place at tha right time
I wanna see you naked girl
I hope you don't mind
Take off your clothes lay down
Baby girl it's simple
I know you a nympho
Now give me ya info
Fresh fresh like mentos
Stay with da tempo
Release my stress all over your dimples
(oh yeah) you like that I know you do girl
You hang around me I'll take you to a new world
Its up to you girl
Cause' I can sho do it
I see you twerkin that thang
You aint new to it
So get used to it
That's how tha stunta roll
I'll leave ya at tha telly
Go find anotha hoe
I go show to show
Hit hoes you know
As long as I get dough
Ima still get mo'

-*Chorus*- repeat (2)x
I'll take you to tha taco shop(oh no oh no)
Big Chile is what I got(ching no ree)
Its cheaper than any spot(uh huh uh huh)
My Tacos will make you Fart (fart)

That's right boys and gurls
So next time your at the cravings for the fuzzy tacos
Or the furburger holla at the chingo bling taco truck
There's one on every corner
Chingobling. Com
Stunta man 713 undagrounds most wanted
Oiga and we got A special on the meat, on the pure great A
Mexican beef imported directly fro yo mommas house
And if your viejas' missin', N yo fiances' missing shes
Probably on the tour bus getting served, okay?

Pink tacos, pink tacos

Say man wake up
Give that gurl her tacos, she's been waiting about 30

(Chingo bling)
Oh man my bad


I had A dream
I had my rooster
The gurls were rappers
And there was some pink tacos everywhere

There is no such thing as pink tacos!

Yes there is
Por favor believe it


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