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Chillaa – 6 O'Clock lyrics

Ima hustle for mine 24/7 grind if you look in my eyes you see them dollar
Ima hustle for mine 24/7 grind on my way to the top one step at a time

Junior Reid:
From 6 O'Clock yo me touch di block, work all day and me just come back
Pocket flat whoa me never mek no cash tomorrow morning me try another thing
From 6 O'Clock yo me touch di block, work all day and me just come back
Pocket flat whoa me never mek no cash tomorrow morning is another day that

Verse 1
I hustle everyday I gotta get my dough I'm never satisfied cause I'm always
Wanting more
Grinding and respect is all a nigga know and if you disrespect then yeah
You gotta go
I'm on the scheme grinding for what I don't got a Porsche Carrera and a
Mansion on the hill top
Life in the fast lane need for speed determination and motivation is all
You need
Chillaa chillin with a whole lotta spinach I'm a real street dog you can
Tell by my image
Look into my eyes you can count a million moneys not a problem and I'm not
Afraid to spend it (uh uh)
I don't got time to waste got money on my mind and paper to chase yeah
I start to hustle from really early wake up at 5: 30 then


Verse 2
Clarks and sneakers cellphones laptops and beepers
Like right roll up the reefers park the weekend down a beavers
Do road and cut like scissors bruk bread fi di youths like Jesus
Sip champagne and teachers chrome rims pon M3 beamers
Me a hustle everyday until me get that work in the sun til me get black
Push it to the limit man a boss like Rick Ross
Me nuh watch nuh set back so tell the haters get back
Chillaa pon di beat and make the people rock them necks back yeah
Some presidential money couple housing schemes residential money
Me wi run di race if you mention money but me nah sell me soul or do
Nothing funny (no)
And tell them haters be quiet pockets on fat while your's on a diet
Ye I brought the mula and the green forget it man you know what I mean
Valley born!



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