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Charlie Wilson – You Are lyrics

Butterfly is what I feel inside
And every time it's like my first time oo wee
And I can't never find the words to say
You're the perfect girl
You're made for me
It's so easy to love you baby
We're compatible, incredible and natural we are
And girl I've never felt this way before
From the bottom of my heart
Baby girl I just wanna tell you that you are

The reason I love the reason I trust
God sent me an angel
You are the best in the world
A wonderful girl
Knowing you by my side brings tears to my eyes

Girl you had me from the moment I looked into your eyes
And I knew you were an angel but you were in disguise
Tell me how can I be so lucky
That you fall down from heaven for me
Oo baby

Some people searching life time and never find the true love oo wee
Heaven care enough for me to give me you
And now our heart can beat together
Standing strong girl here forever
You and I(you and I)
You and I (you and I)
I just want you to know

The reason I love the reason I trust
God sent me an angel
You are the best in the world
A wonderful girl
Knowing you by my side
And a man aint suppose to cry
But girl you are
The only woman I'll make love to
The reason I come home every night
Girl you are
You're all that I need in my life
And it almost feel
It's not fair
Loving you?
You are (you are)
You are

You are the reason I love the reason I trust
God sent me an angel
You are the best in the world
A wonderful girl (you're a wonderful girl)
Waoh Oh
You are
(Baby you are)you are?
(You are)You are all need
(You are)Baby heaven has sent you to me
(Baby you are)the one for me
(You are)the air that I breathe
(You are)baby you are you are (oohh yeahh)
You are, you are everyday to me baby
You are eveything oh baby
Baby you are
Baby you are...

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    Lolita Games
    Uncle Charlie is amazing and since he can't sing at my wedding in person. Lol. He will b singing in the weddind. Its seems likehe wrotw 2 songs just for us 1. My girls is a dime and you are. Both of these songs describes our relationship to the tee. I stood by this man through the cancer and the chemo. He stood by me through the skin condition. So that you for thaos song. Hope you come back to Milwakee again to Afrofestvcause I will be there again much love and respect.
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  • u
    This song is the quintessential answer to the age old question that every woman asks her soul-mate, "what do i mean to you? ".
    Charlie wilson has captured in these lyrics and msucial arrangement, a total and complete emotionally driven song. It's more than just a song though. For those who are truly experiencing love. Unconditional, purposeful, reicprocating and totally unselfish devotion to their soul-mate who acts in kind. This song tells their story so clearly and powerfully.
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