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Charlie The Unicorn – Put A Banana In Your Ear lyrics

Charlie you look quite down
With your big fat eyes
And your big fat frown

The world doesn't have to be so gray
Charlie when your life's a mess
When your feeling blue
Or are in distress
I know what can wash that sad away
All you have to do is
Put a banana in your ear (a banana in my ear?)
Put a ripe banana right into your favorite ear
It's true (says who?)
So true
Once it's in your gloom will disappear
The bad in the world is hard to hear
When in your ear a banana cheers
So go and put a banana in your ear
Put a banana in your ear (I'd rather keep my ear clear)
You will never be happy
If you live your life in fear
It's true! (says you)
So true!
When it's in the skies are bright and clear
Oh, every day of every year
The sun shines bright in this big blue sphere
So go and put a banana in your

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    The meaning of put a banana in your ear is that the gloom people go through in this difficult challenge of life can be erased if you simply apply a ripe banana in your ear. It has a pretty clear meaning. 'the bad in the world is hard to hear, when in your ear a banana cheers. ' this song was made so people can strive to have happiness by inserting bananas in there ear crevices.
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    Some say cartoons, are not real like for example, charlie the unicorn. I believe that there are different sides and frames to the universe. So, when you come up with a cartoon you are actualy creating a new world, and a new dimension in the space and time continuem. So, each cartoon is real, in a series of infinit alternet realities. Charlie teh unicorn is real, in a different demensoin. Lolz!
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