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Chameleon Circuit
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Chameleon Circuit

The Sound Of Drums lyrics

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Chameleon Circuit – The Sound Of Drums lyrics

Can you hear them? They're coming
They're in the signal, they're in my head.

Is it only me?
Am I the only one to be called?
This pounding in my ears is calling me to rule the world

Rule the universe as a Master of your fate.
Can you hear the drums?
Don't try to fight them; it's too late

Each Time Lord child,
Approaches the eye,
Forced to behold the Vortex,
To be inspired or run,
But as I gazed into the vastness of time,
I heard the sound of drums.

Can you hear them? They're coming
They're in the signal, they're in my head.
Can you hear them? They're coming
They're in the signal, they're in my head.

In professor's guise,
Oh Doctor, Doctor, you have healed me.
You are not alone,
It took you far too long to see me.
Now I lay in your arms,
Mortally wounded in your care.
I'll leave you here forever,
Last of the Time Lords once again.

Don't leave me now,
Think of all we've done together,
Think of all the vanquished foes,
Think of all we could be.

It would be hell for me, imprisoned here forever, with you.

Don't, please, you've got to, please, we're the only ones left, please,
Just regenerate

Can you hear them
(In my dreams they're calling)
They're coming
(And every waking moment)
They're in the signal
(I heard the vortex calling)
They're in my head.

Can you hear them?
(I heard the sound)
They're coming
(The sound of drums)
They're in the signal
They're in my head

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  • u
    UnregisteredApr 27, 2012 at 1:19 am
    As so many others have said, its a song about the death of the master from the television show doctor who. He hears the sound of a 4 count riff drum beat in his head, constantly. The sound of a time lord's heart beat (the alien species the master and the doctor are). The master is about to die, and the doctor doesn't want him to because the two of them are the only time lords left in creation. The master would rather die than spend eternity with the doctor, so he chooses to die. His last victory over the doctor. This is such a sad song to me, because it shows how much the doctor wants the master to live, even though they are enemies now even though they were friends at one point. Everyone leaves the doctor in the end, leaves him alone. That's what makes this so sad.
  • u
    UnregisteredJul 24, 2012 at 9:57 pm
    I find the master's story really sad. The drums and the purpose they served. When they didn't actually mean anything greater for the master. No wonder he got insane. His whole life he heard those drums, even when he turned human. Even when he became a timelord again. And they were real. They were real and they were there for a reason but only he could hear and he had no idea of why they existed. God, he was just a child when it started and nobody explained him why. Nobody who knew the reason cared enough to tell him why he was hearing that rhythm and they just watched him destruct himself. Because for them he was a tool. And when everything finally made sense, when the drums served their purpose. He still was left with nothing. I just wanted to hug the poor thing during that entire scene when the doctor was holding him in his arms asking him to regenerate. This song was just perfect.
  • u
    UnregisteredMay 21, 2012 at 7:32 pm
    It is about the 2 episodes of doctor who(sound of drums and last of the time lords), durring which the doctor finds out that he is not alone. The master had ran from the daleks the last time they came to gallifrey. At the end of "last of the time lords," the master gets wounded but since he's chosen a mortal life and doesn't want to be with the doctor, he refuses to regenerate. That leaves the doctor as the last time lord. The actual sound of drums is four consecutive, repeating taps that are stuck inside the master's head from when he had to look into the vortex as a child. During the episodes, he projects the drumming around london to prove to everyone that is does exist.
  • u
    UnregisteredMay 4, 2012 at 11:58 pm
    In the show doctor who, showed on B. B. C. , the main character the doctor the last of the time lord, the mightiest race in the universe with time traveling machines, whose planet was blown up in the last time war. But then the master shows up, who is also a time lord, but he has this drumming in his head from when he first looked into a hole in the universe, the time vortex. He thinks its calling him to bring back the time lords and rule the universe. But when the doctor has to stop him his human wife, lucy, shoots him and master refuses to regenerate (heal himself and take on a new body and face, which all time lords can do). The doctor says he has to regenerate because they're the only ones left. Then the master dies and the drumming in his head is finally at peace.
  • u
    UnregisteredApr 28, 2012 at 4:53 pm
    " bbc series "doctor who". This song is based on about 5 episodes which includes "utopthe sound of the drums" is an episode of theia, the sound of the drums, last of the timelords, end of time, and end of time part 2" the master is a timelord who hears drumming in his ears. In end of time he discovers it was the timelords using him so they can takeover. So this song is mostly about those episodes with the master and the doctors adventures together. But you need to see those episodes to understand what it is about! :)

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