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Cassie Steele – Mr.Colson lyrics

Ain't nobody like you
I ever met before now
Take a normal picture of life and you
You mess it around
You're just so complicated
I Wanna figure you out
Wanna write you on paper so I can
Sing your song by mouth

But more than 'I',
You are confused
You don't know why you're head's unscrewed
Maybe one day you'll unbury the truth
'Fore you get too jaded and then you can't take it
I am good for you
I know what you like and I like the same things that you do
Let me inside you

If you just open
Then we'd be rollin' in happiness Mr. Colson
But let me love you

It's all about you
Don't care 'bout nobody else
Wanna break your mirror down
The world is more than yourself
You live half your life
And you fake the rest
I fell for the hero you showed me
Cuz you had past success

But more than you,
I am confused
You never care 'bout when I'm blue
Call me your girl
And I'll call myself 'fool'
But I'll still protect you
From what's against you
I was good for you
I know what you believe
I see the same way as you do
But you closed me out of you

If you just open
Then we'd be rollin' in happiness Mr. Colson
But let me love you

If I can't have it
Won't waste my time grabbin'
Wrote you down, grab it
Never took you for granted
I was inspired
Yes, I'm pleased with my mind's work
I'll sleep when I'm tired
Cuz you started a fire
And now I can laugh
Cuz I open and grab
Something you'll never have
Yeah, now I can laugh

I was good for you
But it's good thing that I didn't sink for a fool
You were just my muse
I got so much story, nothing can hold me til I find a new man

That's broken like Mr. Colson
That's broken like Mr. Colson
That's broken like Mr. Colson, yeah
Why'd you have to break me?
Oh, Mr. Colson

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