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Call US Forgotten – Found In Falling lyrics

My world's caving in, I'm stuck here again... A prisoner.
Held hostage in my own skin.
The tears running down as I drown in the questions.
No answers tonight, no answers tonight.

These four walls are closing in fast, there's no chance of escape.
This time's for real, can't pause or slow down,
I've been avoiding hitting bottom until now.
This time's for real, can't pause or slow down,
I've been avoiding hitting bottom until now.

Truth's dying stare takes her place in my eyes,
Haunting memories filling my mind.
Desperation's cold jagged fingers find strength in my hands.
I'm down on my knees, down on my knees.

Get Up!
This is not a drill, pick yourself up, shake it off, wipe the tears,
Let's take control of this nightmare.

This is for every piece of every broken heart.
For empty promises, for every unanswered scream.
This is for being forsaken and left to your fate... But you are not alone.
Let's burn this city to the ground.

Let's show them what we're made of.
We're not hiding anymore.
This time we'll take the stand and scream our hearts,
And lungs to pieces.
Before we fall for nothing,
We'll take this stand for something.

This is our last chance.
So come on, before it's too late.
Here we go!

You've gone to far to turn back now,
Rebuild these shattered walls somehow.
Take it back.
Take it back

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