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BWC Hataz – Don't Trust Us lyrics

Now let me tell it like it is I've seen some shady ass people in my day but let me tell you who... Them hataz you can't trust um for shit, one minute they be laughin' with your ass, the next second, they're cuttin your fuckin' neck

Don't trust me on nothin' 'cause that's against your bet
I lie about it all anything I project,
Your safety is an issue I'll be rippin' through tissue
And tear about your limbs once I come and get you
I can have a normal converstation and be straight
In a flash of seconds your neck I lacerate
I'll be drivin' my car with the sun shinnin' in
And then I drive head first in a garbage bin
See it's a thing about trust that I don't have
I'm about to make a mother fuckin body bag
The issue here is don't trust bc,
You might get chopped from my lame disease I'm a killa

Don't trust us cause you don't know
The shit you say makes me expload
Runnin' all day can't feel my soul

I let you get close until you feel relaxed
Another body broken back as airless lungs collapse
I can not keep you so I reap you doctors asking for restrains
But not a soul can maintain so I'm spattering brains.
Strait forward I thrust into this issue of trust
Check behind me I must paranoia it sucks
See me walking talking fine everything is all strait
Till my hands rip and brake your neck can not contemplate
Now tell me how do you feel when no body can deal
Not a person is true not a person is real
Are you the only kid feeling horror from this system
Or am I the only one, one true victim I'm a killa

This is where we get off everynight
I like to share those needles hit those pipes get funky
But everything just ain't all right

Solo that shit in my brain because I can't maintain get up and change
Mistrusted never loved it tossed in the back
Now you ask me for my word I spas panic attack

The thoughts I'm over thinking it floods out
When I'm speaking pratly deeply leaking
The trusting I ain't deaking I'm hearing
Strange voices that tell me wicked things
Don't trust me I'll make you hear the demons sing mother fucker

Rxc-don't trust us!

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