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Neptunes n***a
What you want n***a, yeah
What you want b*****s
Keep it goin, c'mon
Keep it goin, c'mon
Keep it goin, c'mon
C'mon, c'mon

Who be the father to this
Bounce right here n****s be followin this
Modelin b*****s be frontin and be swallowin this
Carry on and yellin, screamin, be hollerin this
Flipmode co-signed to be the sponsor for this
What? To conquer this you need to march on for this
What? Ha, b*****s just shake it and wiggle
And start to bake and just giggle
And then get naked a little and s**t
Sweat drippin off they face and they nipple and s**t
N****s wildin til they be all tired and crippled and s**t
Yeah you buggin on how we be doin it to ya
Til you hate our n****s and s**t just like bullets was travelin through ya
Now, from right to left with a capital F
We gon' keep this s**t hot to death and we stoppin your breath
Drinkin and buggin and fuckin with them hoes again
But it's nothing cuz y'all n****s know we 'bout to blow again

Kelis and Busta
Busta, what it is right now
Busta, what it is right now
Eh-heh, eh-heh
Busta, what it is right now
Yeah, eh-heh, eh-heh
Busta, what it is right now
What you want? Eh-heh, eh-heh
Busta, what it is right now
Yeah, eh-heh, eh-heh, eh-heh
Busta, what it is right now
Yeah, what-chu...
Busta, what it is right now
What you want now
Busta, what it is right now
Flipmode, c'mon, c'mon

[Verse 2:]
Let me show you what it is right now
Let me... Step up and handle my biz right now
N****s don't even know what it is right now
Got 'em mad as if I was bonin they wiz right now
So let me dig right now all in your a** way she bouncin got my...
Bubbly startin to fizz right now
Ayo, f**k it s**t is feeling kinda big right now
Got 'em ready to split a couple of wigs doin tricks wit her a**
Shoulda seen what shorty did right now
Got me stuck on just takin her back to my crib right now
C'mon, the way shorty throwin that a** all over the place
Why shorty dizzy tryin to throw it all up in my face
Oooh... So what you got right now
Cuz we comin to blow the whole entire spot right now
N***a we hot right now, all you other n****s move your s**t over
Because we comin take your slot right now


This be the beat to rock for the street
More hot s**t we givin you more heat
Feelin that bounce bangin the concrete
Bangin in the club and bangin it in your jeep
Flipmode Squad 2001
Wave your hands and rep where you from
We keepin it street cuz that's how we live
It's what it is baby, it's what it is baby

[Verse 3:]
See what it is is that we smokin got you open my n***a
Reppin til the very last word is spoken my n***a
Think we jokin we be makin n****s soakin they clothes
While n****s is runnin and wildin busy scopin these hoes
B*****s is runnin and wildin scopin n****s wit dough
While we keepin n****s open like we smokin the 'dro
Heh, see what it is is that we create a ruckus
Cuz that's what we love to do muh'fuckas, c'mon


Flipmode n***a, c'mon
Violator muh'fucka, c'mon
We got Kelis muh'fucka, c'mon
Neptunes muh'fucka, c'mon, yeah
Bus-A-Bus muh'fucka, c'mon, yeah
Everybody in the spot, c'mon, yeah
What it is right now, c'mon
Bus'll tell ya what it is right now, c'mon
Bus'll tell ya what it is right now, c'mon
2001 hot s**t, c'mon
Hot s**t, hot s**t, hot s**t, c'mon

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