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Buckshot Lefonque – Black Monday lyrics

Black Monday
That's what this joint is all about
Black Monday
A million men strong without a doubt
Black Monday
It's not just a role that one plays
Black Monday
So we can have justice one day
Black Monday
Black, Black Monday
Hey Yo, B - I thougt we conquered the world
When a million men came and shined like a
Black pearl
This time there was no black on black crime
'Cause everybody was thinkin' of ways that pays for
The black mind
One & equal
Not thinkin' of wealth
But knowledge of self
So the past won't repeat like a sequel
Visions of unity
Strong in the community
The same song sung for diplomatic immunity
Is soon to be reality
Not just a formality, an actuality
Built strong by our morality
Can you see what I can see
One force that be lettin' me be what I be
Without costing me members of my family tree
One man can stand for all
But who got his back when he fall
Yo, I had a dream that one day
One million men stood strong and we called it
Black Monday
Black Monday
Black Monday
Black, Black Monday
By now we all know that some wrongs have
Been committed
So be wise, organize my man
Yo, you with it?
Let's have the courage to stand up and speak out
Reach out and help out
No doubt
See we can actually make a difference
The politicians got game, but I say who are
They kiddin'
Seriously, we gotta get our own thing tight
'Cause we ain't even learned
To treat our own peeps right
You don't have to be a scholar to acknowledge
You shouldn't harm your own just 'cause your
Fiendin' for dollars
That's messed up, so fess up
It's good for the soul
Change your ways
Exhibit more self control
We must be willin' to stop the killin'
'Cause if not
We'll destroy what our forefathers were building
Step up
Do something
It's your duty and purpose
All the material pleasures ultimately are worthless
They are not needed to explain that
You will wreck your brain
If you do not maintain
Reconciliation, restoration and resolution
Completion of perfect union
Black Monday

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