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Brotha Lynch Hung – Close My Eyes lyrics

[Hook: (Eklypss)]
(Open your eyes, Hypnotize, Surprise muthafucka you gonna die)
I... I close my eyes
And am I surprised to see what's on my mind

I dwell in the spot that's super hot
Welcome to my area
There's a dead nigga on the block, call the cops
Welcome to my area
Makin fat knot, sellin chronic and them rocks
Welcome to my area
My hoggs drop dawgs and you will get dropped
Welcome to my area
It's like this
Past destruction, Consequences
Repercussions, Sick intensions
I blew a left tire on the gta, on I-15
When the cops was chasing
Made it to the exit ramp
Feelin amped but I swerved and hit the curb
My best chance was appear in Perry Ellis
Two strike felon, So I'm runnin from the ghetto bird
So they chased me out the Suburbs
But it's all good, cause I'm in my hood
I know the dark places and the corners to cut like the back of my hand
Like I know I should, Rough neck
Oh shit, The ghetto bird
Hit the fence and ripped a sleeve
I'm in the backyard of Dynomite's
So I jumped in the dog house with his pit bull Hercules
And let the bitches in the sky fly by
I tapped his window
He said,
"What up nigg", What up
"Get your ass in", Alright
"We need to g", Okay
"Hit this blunt", Alright
"Sip this Henn", Yeah
Rough Neck syndrome makes it hot in December
Enough to jack Chris Cringle
You could call me the ghetto grinch
I keep it true with Doom
'Cause of my Siccmade family members, Uh

[Hook: (Eklypss)]
I... I close my eyes
And am I surprised to see what's on my mind
(Open your eyes, Hypnotize, Surprise muthafucka you gonna die)
(nigga what's up, Now you stuck with nuthin but bad luck)
(nigga you fucked)

[Brotha Lynch Hung]
I'm scorchin you
Might have to torture you
Cut your nuts with razor blades
Make corpses' stew
I like pork and meat
I'm on your porch with heat
You want the Triple Crown?
I'll cut off your horses' feet
Yeah of course it's me, The B-A-B-Y-K-I- Double L
Right when you stomach swell
Kick it with a size twelve
You was a fluke, bitch
I couldn't let you keep your dottles off of two fifth's
It's our little secret
Put you in the bedroom, Rip your guts
Bitch give me some head room, No nicks and cuts hoe
I hate that shit, You know I rape that shit
Call me super-dick
They can't find a cape that fits, So I don't hate
I like cumin in your throat straight
You bitches is so fake, You could die a slow fate
You get's no breaks, Just nuts in your mouth
Strap in your mouth and the Mac in your mouth, nigga

[Hook: (Eklypss)]
I... I close my eyes
And am I surprised to see what's on my mind
(Open your eyes, Hypnotize, Surprise muthafucka you gonna die)
(nigga what's up, Now you stuck with nuthin but bad luck)
(nigga you fucked)

Motion detector, Plague infector
Knife dissector, Bone collector
Hannibal Lecter like nigga
With a lighter and a fire in my fuel injector
I set 'em up, Knock 'em down
Get my clown on, Cut 'em up with a frown on
I gets down on niggaz
Hell bound with the trigger
I'm a killa lookin to make more than six figures
Get twisted up like a French braid
Rippin you up cause you bitch made
Cin Sity and the sickest nigga from Siccmade (Lynch)
Apocalypse Pit and Eklypss from Doomsday
Us niggaz is crazy
If you can imagine what goes through the mind of a sick muthafucka
You gotta be a sick muthafucka to love us
And understand not to fuck with us gut rippers, s*** dickers,
Steel-toed boot butt kickers, rough niggaz
Nuttin in bitches, throwin on the Dickies
And leavin the pussy red and dead, Infected with the plague
Understandin what I'm sayin?
I'm Doom to the max
Don't make me have to break out the axe
I done did it before, I'll do it again
Cut a nigga from his nuts to his appetite and grin
It's all sin
Make you notify your next-of-kin
Drinkin a hundred and eighty proof of liquor
I get sicker, gets wicked
Get your bitch and dick her like my name was Dirt Diggler
Call me the grave digger
I can do you when you awake, nigga
Don't even gotta hate, nigga
Or I can do you with your eyes closed
Clog your nostrils, nigga die slow

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