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Boy Wonder

2 Of Everything lyrics

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Boy Wonder – 2 Of Everything lyrics

Karate kid bitch, I got a lot of kick
Smoking on that president, no politic
Some niggas getting rich, ain’t got no common sense
I woke up this morning I might buy your bizz
If she look, look, look she get two, two,
Two cops, two blunts longer than your foot
Hair long, money long, everything long
I’m a rapper so I fucked her with my chains on
James Bond swag, check my watch and swirl
See this clock on my rim so they could watch the girl
I am high, so high I need a skyrocket
It look like a phonebook in my pocket

Cops to ask you, cops to ask you

I fly so high I need a skyrocket

Yeah, it’s 2 am and I’m swishing through like too late
Got two dames and they only in a two thang
Got drugs and s*** and they want it like in two ways
Enough to go around on her head like toupee

Young niggaare, but I’m old G
Like broke chain in two ways
You acting, I’m flexing
Get lost bitch, like loose chain
That son of a bitch about two chains
Got diamonds all on my tooth, hey
It’s ass up, you assed out, for fast chains I cast out
I hit the runway till the camera man pulls me up
A couple bands every time a blogger posts me up
She wanna day when I go and eat that girl for lunch
Get to it, it’s cut to it hoes and doubles, that’s my blunt

Cops to ask you, cops to ask you

I fly so high I need a skyrocket

Man, we louse, like the dose
Kicking like I’m wearing soccer clothes
Flex, niggaare, stop and pose
I don’t rap, I do rock’n’roll
If she loudest she got to go
Hoover Damn can’t stop the flow
Yeah, I’m popping hope, just put in your mouth like a popsicle
Caught her in an icicle, I ride on this beat like a bicycle
Chase ‘em in a mouse hole
Fuck you, where niggaare? South Pole?
Take two shots of this...
Take two hits of this bomb roll
I leave you John Doe or drop you off in the Congo
Blasted on a Mojicon Shot, I took my Puerto Ricans
Trainer dad, James flow ‘cause right now nigga I’m deacon
Sweeping you shall find a hope, you find wherever you seeking
Two cuffs, two blood, two... And it’s.... Season

Cops to ask you, cops to ask you

I fly so high I need a skyrocket

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