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D.O.A. lyrics

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Bloodrock – D.O.A. lyrics

I remember, we were flying along,
And hit something in the air...

Laying here, looking at the ceiling,
Someone lays a sheet across my chest.
Something warm is flowing down my fingers
Pain is flowing all through my back.

I try to move my arm and there's no feeling
And when I look, I see there's nothing there.
The face beside me stopped it's holy bleeding
The girl I knew has such a distant stare.

I remember, we were flying along,
And hit something in the air.

Then I look straight at the attendant,
His face is pale as it can be.
He bends and whispers something softly,
He says there's no chance for me.

I remember, we were flying along,
And hit something in the air.

Life is flowing out my body,
Pain is flowing out with my blood.
The sheets are red and moist where I'm lying.
God in Heaven, teach me how to die.

I remember, we were flying along,
And hit something in the air.

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    The motivation for writing this song was explained in 2005 by guitarist lee pickens. -when I was 17, I wanted to be an airline pilot, " pickens said. -i had just gotten out of this airplane with a friend of mine, at this little airport, and I watched him take off. He went about 200 feet in the air, rolled and crashed. " the band decided to write a song around the incident and include it on their second album.
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    Remember I was around 18 in California. Heard it first time and it stunned me. Never forgot it I am 66 now. First time I've heard it, since then, strange still gripped my heart. Weird isn't it? Seen many accidents, hope I never see one that reminds me of this. It's awesome that we now can find these songs after all this time.
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    The lyrics here say "we were flying along", which isn't the way I remember it. I remember "we were flying low", which was a phrase back then that meant really speeding, flying speed, but low the ground. Hit something in the air would just be a continuation of the "flying" metaphor.
    I thought the song was gruesome, but appealing to me at the time since I didn't drive anywhere but what I wasn't speeding. How my dad put up with all the cars I crashed is beyond me. I listened to the song on denver's kimn radio, but after hearing it only a few times, kimn quit playing it. I never heard it again until tonight I was curious enough to look it by the lyric I remembered, "we were flying low, and hit something in the air". Wow. I'm glad I actually survived the 10 years after graduation.
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    In downtown Ft. Worth there is the mixmaster where all the highways come together. The top ramp / interchange from I-35W to I-30 east is about 200 + ft above the ground level. In 1968 this vehicle was hauling buns and lost control this guy that was driving was just" FLYING" man I mean booking it. Lost control slammed through the guardrail, and bounced off every tier, collumn, lower guardrails and roadways that were at 100-125 ft range before imploding themselves into the concrete embankment below! There was hair, teeth and eyeballs all over the pavement and people were smashing into this vehicle as it bounced off the 60 degree angle concrete embankment on to the oncoming traffic. And smash its a miracle he lived long enough to make it to the hospital.! Lll.
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