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Blazin' Squad – Ride By Blazin Squad lyrics

baby we can ride
got ma car parked rite outside
ill even let u drive if thats kool wit me

if u wanna wanna wanna got ride outside
ill bring ma boys wit me
if u bring ur girls tonite
but if u give it some time
so we can get get along
but if u dont co-operate
jus now im takin them home
its nothin personal to them
its jus im feelin u more
we can mayb go for a ride
an' we can do a bit more
so come an' take a ride wit me
i know i know that u should
i know that ur wonderin hows it all good
u b like

shud i roll wit u?
yes u shud u b like
wud i get wit u?
yes u cud u b like
cud u do me good?
yes i cud
come on rise wit me baby
tonite we go krazy

baby we can ride
got ma car parked rite outside
ill even let u drive
if thats kool wit me
keep it all down low
an' the man u dont have 2 call
anytime u wanna roll
thats kool wit me

yo its the ongoin time
jus flowin in the ribs
see no one pushin in
coz i roll on by
jus high as i cud
everynite im like WHAT
everytime wit ma crew
and i cud come blaze
an' its more and more u slow delay
wit da women that im seeina thrillin
what i hate revealin
what i do wen i ride
an' i know its somethin
that i do when i do

shuld i roll wit u?
yes u shuld u b like
wud i get wit u?
yes u wud u b like
cud u do me good?
course i cud come on ride wit me baby
tonite we go krazy


baby its alrite
if u wanna take a ride
wen my girls r wit the boys
coz we gonna make some noise
we can cruise around the street
the ban lows that we beat
if u really wanna roll
then we can ride all nite long

dey yo comin 4rom the bk
i say ye yo platinum b
is on the pay roll
i gotta keep a kussion
in ma range rove
im about 2 get some brains
finish this game
on ma playstation 2
y im switchin these lanes
ladies yo
us dadies the name
big daddy crew
is the y 2 the lane
i 1nce look frozen
check the rim
iced up
check the grim
pone by allen
let me check the my hymn
i see me rollin
at out tonite


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