The Black Eyed Peas
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The Black Eyed Peas

I Gotta Feeling lyrics

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The Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling lyrics

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Submitted byAnkokuSama
Corrected byjulz16


  • GafNaaaaahhhhh
    Alright so lets just get this down.
    This is a good song, but when its played 500 times at ones highschool it kinda gets annoying, and it wears down the song:/
    People who like this kinda music (that's played over 9, 000 times)always wonder why there are a bunch of people that can't stand this music, rap and so on. And obviously its cuz its all they hear when they are in school :( My 11 year old brother told me that he hears this song and lady gaga at every school related event. My point is that people really need to tone down how much they play certain types of music, Mix it up a little. Add some nice slow music, add some fuckin screamo, and some Classic rock. Just please peeps, listen to varietys other then what "everyone" listens to, ull find a lot of stuff youll like. But yeah. This song was good, its kinda not now: '(
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  • u
    I made this Song. In the 90th I sing this song freestyle on a Party called Weekend on the Jade in Wilhelmshaven/Germany. The dj from a German Radiostation has recorded my song. Years later I heard it in Radio from the bep. I think the became the song from his German Manager. In the original song of mine, there was a verse: I saw an Black and shut him down. Sorry for this to all black people. In the first uptake, the bep sing this verse. Understandably, this verse was changed later. Too bad I did not get any money for it.
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  • u
    Nice that so much people love/like my song. I sing the song freestyle first on a citizen party (called weeken on the jade) in wilhelmshaven/germany in the end of the 90. Years later I hear my song from bep. In the orginal song, a stanza is I saw an black an shotem down. First the bep sing this stanza, but than they chance it. Sorry for this, I was really drunken when I invented the song. A dj from radiostation has recorded my singing time. And the song find the way to bep. S*t, I never see bucks for this.
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