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Bizzy Bone – Bizzy's Lil' Speech ( Where He Is Talkin' Ta Tha Ecstasy Instrumental ) lyrics

Setting: Bizzy is walkin' outside tha studio and tha Ecstasy Instrumental comes

Bizzy Bust out like this..

" You mothapukkas say mothaphukkas is comin afta us.
Ya mothaphukkas! Let me tell you why I'm turnin' out foe next, this whole new
Mothaphukkin Millenium. You know whuti'm sayin' I ain't never been no cryin
Nigga, I just come out here and phukk witchu mothaphukkas out here in tha
Media. Because ya'll twist shit around. And tha only way a nigga could get high
And really get his point across, is if you turnin' thangs out it's mothaphukkin
Self. Just like mtv, dem mothaphukkas constantly say how I got arrested at tha
Mtv Awards, but they neva say how I was Vindicated. How all tha charges waz
Bull sh#t. Because they don't want to. Snatchin' a Strippa's purse in New York,
But you won't hear about it except on adlibs you know whuti'm sayin? But I'ma
Give you a praylude to tha whole level. Dem bitches was lyin' on me, man, dem
Mothaphukkas just wanted an autograph. Cause a nigga was off tha mothaphukkin
Hook, ya heard'? And that's whut I've been on tha whole mothaphukkin time. You
Knowwhuti'm sayin'? And everybody a Thug now. Every phukkin body A thug. If I
See anotha
Tatto on anotha nigga's stomach, I swear (ta God), if I see anotha nigga takin'
Tupac's mothaphukkin' Tru S's, and tryin' ta milk it and makin' establishments
And profits off some bull sh#t, Man I been, done went to tha temple, like Jesus
Did and last all you mothaphukkas foe sellin' tha word. Quit snichin' on tha

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