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Bizarre – IDWMD lyrics

Get up in the morning, wash my teeth
Jump in the shower, no! Wash my meat
Up all night making a nasty porno
Three handicap hoes. Me, I'm rocking solo
Having s** with bizarre, that ain't the smartest
Fuck 10 bitches raw... Then just fuck Mr, Marcus
Bitch you pregnant? You having my baby
I guess we gon' have to name the baby mercedes
Mercedes?, matter of fact, volkswagon
Cause that's where you got fucked, in the back of the wagon
Stevie j, is a flat out G and that bitch joseline, she should be fucking
With me
Not cause she's strong and bi sexual, cause I don't have a problem fucking
I'm nasty, I'm fucking disgusting... Don't call my phone if you ain't talking
Bout' nothing

(Chorus X3)
I don't wash my dick (this nigga is dead serious too)
I don't wash my dick (that's it? That's the chorus?... That's the whole chorus)
I don't wash my dick (Bitch)

[Verse 2:]
Yeah, 4 in the morning... Just left the club, took a shit and jumped right
In the tub
Woah! Daamn! You aint even wipe yo' ass, hell naw bitch... I'm bout' to
Pass gas
My dick stink, bitch you gon' wash it... Touch it, clean it, mop it
Bitch, are you serious? You want me to fuck you on your period! (Hell naw)
While I'm fucking through the blood, blood don't stop until I bust
2 hours of fucking, I know your pussy hurt
Walk in your bathroom with my dick in your son's shirt
Blue pimp hat yellow and white tram, ass naked with black and white tails
4 long strokes, bizarre starts busting, fuck rap, it's westcoast
(Wesley pipes nigga)

I don't wash my dick (this nigga is dead serious too) hahaha
I don't wash my dick (that's it? That's the chorus?... That's the whole chorus)
I don't wash my dick (Bitch)

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