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Binary Star – I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings (Part 1) lyrics

In jail, without the bail, in jail
[Chorus over Intro Speaking]
You know what I'm saying, you got these wack emcees out here, you
Know what I'm saying, they do three days in the county, you know what
I'm saying, and come home and write a rhyme about doin' bids, you know
What I'm saying, shankin', shankin' people, doin' time, they don't know
Nothing 'bout time. Man, I got people locked down, you know what I'm saying
[One Man Army]
Yo it's handcuffed, in the back of the bus, forty of us
The road it was rough, plus nobody I could trust (trust)
Headed upstate, no chance for escape
Barbed wire and guards and the gun tower secured the gate
My uncle's fate, was life without parole
Thank God I was blessed with an out date
I can't wait, but I got to
You probably wouldn't have did what I did to catch a bid, but I'm not you
I got a crew still on the street, they don't write me letters
No time to visit a brotha, or bother to send me cheddar
Never did I sweat it, I know they got a life to live
My man J, had a wife and kids
And these are the consequences, my actions committed
Some cats that I used to visit, now I live with
Along with swillas, killas, drug dealas, some rich brothas
Crackheads, con artists, child molesters, dick suckers
All types of individuals
Sorta like a melting pot for criminals.
The system is designed to stock the plentiful
This old cat from the hood
Told me, "Out of every bad situation comes some good"
Its understood
Prison ain't good for my health
Lookin' in the mirror, introducing me to myself
I studied my thoughts, my ways, the routes I took
Yo, I read daily, it ain't all about the books
Its all about the le

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