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Big K.R.I.T. – Porchlight lyrics

Yeah, baby leave the porchlight on
Baby leave the porchlight on
Baby leave the porchlight on
I can feel your pain through the phone
I promise not to stay too long
So leave the porchlight on

(Verse 1: big K. Are. I. T.)
I gotta get it while they giving good, get out the hood
I'm tired of the landlord tripping on us
My partner said he gotta play, heard it worked the other day
I've been home late because of business calls
Don't worry, hit me via text, ain't no need to stress
Gotta make some moves, I hate to leave you home longer
I know just how I did when you move between the sheets
While I'm in the streets thinking need to be at home
Doing those I got you on the grind nigga
When I'm on the shine and you tell your boy I'm coming home
Remember that you said that pussy mine
In that time you'd meet at the door with no panties on
And don't be mad, playing hard to get
Cuz you could c** 'til your heart content
Yea, I can feel your pain through the phone
I promise not to stay too long so leave the porchlight on

Hook: anthony hamilton & big K. Are. I. T.
I'm coming home, baby it won't be long
I know you lookin' fine cuz I have in mind to
Say something good to you (something good to you)
It won't be long (baby leave the porchlight on)
I'm coming home, coming home nice and strong
I wanna see them eyes when I surprise ya
I promise I won't stay too long so leave the porchlight on

[Verse 2: big K. Are. I. T.)
Back out on the road again
Different city, in the studio, working on the floor again
I really wanna talk on the phone
Shorty I gotta finish this song, it won't be long
I took the presidential suite, they can't on the beach
Why you came for me?
Diamond in the back, leather on the seats
Louie on your frame, red bottoms on your feet
I mean the money can't change how you feel right now
Even harder cuz you bother once the sun goes down
Wonder where I'm going after shows and such
Don't be listening to your friends cuz they talk too much
Think I know just what we goin' through, to make it right
I pray you understand this ain't over night
I'll be on the next flight on my way back home
I promise I won't stay too long so leave the porchlight on


(Anthony hamilton & big K. Are. I. T.)
I won't take too long baby
I'm on my way baby (baby leave the porchlight on)
Comin' home
I wanna love you girl (baby leave the porchlight on)
You know I'm on my way (baby leave the porchlight on)
I can't stay away too long.


I won't wait too long baby
Why don't you go on and flip that light on?
I wanna see me steppin' up to the door when I'm gettin' closer, closer baby

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