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B.G. – Hatin On Me lyrics

'cause I'm ridin on dubs and they hatin on me
I get a lot of love and they hatin on me
In the bently round the club and they hatin on me
Why's everybody playa hatin me
Kenoe-bg in parenthesis
When they see me with the rims that keep spinnin (they hatin on me)
33's and we chrome scottie pimpin(they hatin on me)
Cartielle with the tic tac toe (man they hatin on me)
We buyin cars of the show room flo'(and they hatin on me)
And I'm dressed in all berry to the flo' up(they hatin on me)
When they see my lambraghini doors go up(they hatin on me)
I got that crib that you see on mtv(they hatin on me)
Just did a song with snoop dogg last week(they hatin on me)
'cause I got ya baby momma in my coupe(they hatin on me)
And the feds know I got a lot of loute(they hatin on me)
And when I park my blue bentley on the curb(they hatin on me)
And they told my momma I was slangin bird(they hatin on me)
'cause I'm coppin new kicks b'for they come out(they hatin on me)
'cause I got these ladies all stung out(they hatin on me)
Maybe 'cause my bank about to do a million plus(they hatin on me)
I got a tori and a timmy comin up(they hatin on me)
Bg kenoe in parenthesis
I make mine, I go to jail (they hatin on me)
I got that latrell sprewell (they hatin on me)
Everything I touch a million sell (they hatin on me)
People sayin what's that smell (they hatin on me)
'cause you wont never get well (they hatin on me)
Moms getcho weed in the mail (they hatin on me)
I started choppa city records (they hatin on me)
At the show I hop out a stretch (they hatin on me)
I guarantee ya learn ya lesson (they hatin on me)
Before you looka it's thucka thucka ya hatin it's blucka blucka
I got a cl 320 (they hatin on me)
A e class 320 wagon (they hatin on me)
I got a gxr suzuki (they hatin on me)
I'm still the same ole lil dude (they hatin on me)
Gotchu hata production (they hatin on me)
But you bustas you gotta love it (they hatin on me)
I'm hoppin out in a throw back fit (they hatin on me)
New benz and it came with the kit (they hatin on me)
My money long like the mississippi river (they hatin on me)
My neck my watch my wrist they all glitta (they hatin on me)
You know kenoe buy cars out on rent(they hatin on me)
I throw a bust and that's a hundred g's spent (ooo they hatin on me)
But on the streets I'm makin beats for b gizzle(they hatin on me)
And every song that we do is off the hizzle(they hatin on me)
B. E. T is like you know I see you chillin(they hatin on me)
Let them girls see your life on how I'm livin (they hatin on me)
I'm at the club with the baddest mommy in there(they hatin on me)
I got them girls harlem shakin all in there(they hatin on me)
I'm doin shows for high prices over seas(they hatin on me)
But in the you. S. I'm goin for ten g's(they hatin on me)
You see my pants always sag to the flo' (they hatin on me)
Betta be lookin for that kenoe car show (stop hatin on me)
Yeah.... Kenoe life as a mac volume one
B gizzle labratory entertainment
Stop hatin on us ya heard me
Yeah... Another kenoe production

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