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[B. G.]
Wasup n***a?
This the H. N. I. C. Of Choppa City Records
3 time loser but I still ride with it, ya heard me?

Well it's Geezy, the hottest of the hot
You can catch me posted in the middle of the block
Suited and booted, I'm bout it, ain't gotta prove it
I see it then I'ma do it, I up it then I'ma use it
And it's like that, don't think you gon' steal
A n***a off my team and my team ain't gon' strike back
We'll be right back, f**k you done it n***a
We treat beef like coke, we 2-for-1 a n***a
Them soldiers coming n***a, you hear 'em stumpin n***a
Your clips loaded about 100, it ain't no runnin n***a
You gon' get punished n***a, and your partners too
You in beef, so that mean they got it too
Now is they nuttin up, or they skettin out
You gon' see when that pressure come, they gon' rat you out
And once we find out, where ya layin at
That's when we come in 50 deep and scram that

[Chorus: x2]
I keep peeps that will always, ride with me
I got beef so I always, ride with that
When I creep I always, ride with that
When we meet then ya know I'ma be, poppin that

[Verse 2:]
You know I sleep and I eat it
I'm in the streets it ain't easy
All year round, where I'm from it's murder season
I keep mine close, always in grabbing reach
I heard they got a few ni***z talkin bout snatchin me, nabbin me
I ain't going for that, come with it, come get it
Last n***a tried, you know how it ended
Wig splitted, dun-diggidy, I'm bout this, I bang back
You ain't gotta wonder where them things at, they right here
I walk with em, ride with em, sleep with 'em
F**k with me, I'ma show you I'm a fool when I creep with 'em
I'ma beast with em, Gizzle don't play, I'm a dog
Ak's, Mack 11's, Tech 9's, got 'em all
Put your face on the wall, I'm lookin at that
Sayin how ya gon' let a n***a hit me from the back
You gotta think in the streets, don't trust nobody
If you ever caught hustlin, don't bust nobody


[Verse 3:]
Don't start no s**t, won't be no s**t
When death come close your eyes, you won't see that s**t
Fuckin with Choppa City, n***a it's gon' be that s**t
We bout that trigger play, partner you could leave that s**t
I'm a uptown n***a, I'ma be that there
B***h made type n***a, can't be that there
When there's money coming in, I'ma be right there
C-Vannis, Magnolia, I'ma be right there
With the 40 on my hip, the chopper 'cross the street
The sniper on the roof, keepin a eye on me
I'm a product of the street, I get it how I live
It is what it is so I get it how I live
I'm bout that guerilla warfare, I c*** the nine back
I told her? Round, I'm bout the dime bags
Whatever you're thinking, don't try that
Cause where ya hide at, I'ma find that


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