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B. Gizzle (Gizzle)
Chopper City (Chop chop)
Let's Go (let's go)

[Verse 1]
If nigga know me, nigga know I keep it all the way street
I'm thugged all the way out
And I'm bout whatever you bout
I keep it all the way real
Tell it just how it is
You don't like it that's ya problem, Imma speak what I feel
I'm on the block when it's hot, I'm on the block when it's cold
On the block when it's bumpin, I'm on the block when it's slow
Bout that money my nigga, I be chasin it heavy
You want beef, tell me when, Imma be there when you ready
You ain't got nothin to tell me (uhh uhh), really don't wann be bothered
(uhh uhh)
You a fake ass nigga, we got nothin in common
When I say I'm a hundred nigga I'm every percent
Either I fuck wit you or not, I ain't gon strattle the fence
Nigga cuff yo bitch, I got some good ass dick
Best keep her from round me, I fuck her and her friend (believe it)
If I touch her you through (through), my nigga ya done (done)
every time you try to fuck she ain't gon want none

I'm a Fool With It (Fool With It)
I'm a Fool With It (Fool With It)
Girl gimme dat pussy, I know what to do wit it (do wit it)
Man I'm a hustla (hustla), I keep it gutta maine (gutta maine)
Give me a week, I been done ran through a hunned thangs (a, a hunned thangs)
Man I'm a Fool With It (Fool With It)
I'm a Fool With It (Fool With It)
Girl gimme dat pussy, I know what to do wit it (do wit it)
Man I'm a hustla (hustla), I keep it gutta maine (gutta maine)
Give me a week, I been done ran through a hunned thangs (a hunned thangs)

[Verse 2]
When I'm talkin it's real, When I'm talkin ya listen (listen)
You wann define hot boy, I'm ya best definition
I'm a all-around hustla (hustla), that there mean whateva
I could get it, weight it, cook it, move it, believe what I tell ya
That's why street niggaz dap me (dap me), my hoes wann hug me (hug me)
My mexican plug love me 'cause we all get money
I be holdin it down, been around for a minute
I got nine or ten albums, and I ain't nowhere near finished
I feel I'm just gettin started, got a long way to go
I wanted Bush to go, it'll be a long four more
Unless he pass a bill, to legalize this pimpin
Or let that dope come through without the feds interferrin
Man the law be trippin, always makin it hot (hot)
On my block, it's the criminals versus the cops
So nigga tell me what's up, let me know what it be
If you a busta ass nigga then you ain't like me cause Imma

Imma hustla
If you want work come see me
Yo man ain't treatin you right come see me


[Verse 3]

If you want it, I got it
If I ain't got it I can get it (get it)
When you get it and serve it to the fiends they gon feel it (feel it)
I don't be a dawg nigga, I don't stomp on it (on it)
I give it to ya raw and let you put cut on it
I travel with my hustlas down south to up north (north)
I don't post up long that's how niggaz get caught (caught)
I don't post up long that's how get draw attention
And if I get popped again, I'm headed to penitentiary
So I stick and move, hit and miss, handle business, get in the wind
Gimme a week, I sell it all, I'm right at my connect again
Nigga know my status, I be thuggin for real
I don't depend on rap, I be hustlin for real


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