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BabiixJenii – If I Didnt Have You(Female Remix) lyrics

Now where would I be if I didn't have you
If I didn't have you...
Where would I go

(It's babiixjenii)

[ verse one ]
Remember when we met, no more than ordinary friends
Spent the late nights talking as if there were never an end
Caught myself speaking the words I never dared to speak
But with your company I felt as if I could never be weak
Knowin every night you'll be there with a whole new conversation
But the more we spoke, the more I noticed this whole new temptation
In relation to bonnie and clyde, it was you and I
Unbreakable it seems, everyday you're right here by my side
And everytime I'm stuck you always figure out the road to take
I see you in my dreams then again when I wake
Once alone with my shadow, now accompanied by a soulmate
One who is there when I fall, someone ready to hold me
Who knows me deep inside like no one else could know me
Someone I could trust, who always know the simple words to say
Everyday, every night you'll be there when I turn around
Always down with the plans we make, this is why my heart pound
Pounding every moment, knowing I won't die unloved
Appreaciated by my one and only, and blessed by the lord above
To grant my wish with the ability to make it true
Thinkin' what would have happened if I never found you
And I know I've said it once, but here I say it once again
To the one who's here with me until my precious life end
I could have never made it through my past filled of many sins
If you weren't here to help me purify the heart that lies within
(Purify the heart that lies within)

[ chorus ]
Now where would I be if I didn't have you (if I didn't have you)
If I didn't have someone to run to
Where would I go, and who will hold me
Close, at most, with affection to console me
Now where would I be if I didn't have you (if I didn't have you)
If I didn't have someone to run to
Where would I go, and who will hold me
Close, at most, with affection to console me

[ verse two ]
Everyday I used to ask if there was someone made for me
If there was such a thing as fate, then how would mine turn out to be
But now I see that He's planned it so that you could come and find me
So your arms could wrap around me and live together happily
But never in my life have I had someone who could listen
Who could into my eyes and show they care, eyes glisten
Missin' out on so much, but you've helped me fill up my gaps
Took me out to see the world when my soul was feeling trapped
And they used to think we couldn't make it, said there's nothing we could have
But now they're wrong, here we are, three years left back in the past
Shared a life alike to what a storytale once told
Endless nights of having someone I could hold
Thru my emotional moments, to the happier of times
You're the reason I'm breathing, and why I still writing my rhymes
Cuhs a pen and a paper could have never been enough
I needed you to be with me to help me regain what I used to trust
So hard to describe how I felt inside
How I felt the day you said there's no reason to cry
I lived a life full of lies from the people I cared for
Forgotten from those who I was there for
So therefore, there were days when I felt like no one was around
But it was you who seemed to be there everytime I turned around
Living proof standing right in front of me
The answer to my prayers from the nights by my bedside, on my bended knees

[ bridge ]
Where would I be
If I didn't have you
Where would I go (where would I go)
Who would hold me close

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