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Azad Right – 6.30 lyrics

Cazz what up?
I'm down low , suit myself like oh,no
Paying my ' to the ozone?
And I looks so good these '
Come my way if you smell right
I'll take you down,I need it up
Come my way if you fuck right
I'll break you down ,I'll beat it up
Legs open,mouth wide

I'm goin' in deep, it's about time
Everyone know ,but I'm rappin' no '
Fuck with the hoes he goes outside
' for everybody know about he's eyes rappin'
I been head you bold Gatsby
Think that shit involve fashion
I'm causin riot ,they treat me like I'm a tirin'
Askin' me these questions like'Tell us,what's in you diary'
Impostor,impostors I could ' your whole rasta
You started into my base line ,I will block you like the '
But I still throw so proper, ain't you lookin' at this rap shit
Playin' will he play his luck
I'm exactly what you wanted to be
You should think twice when you're talkin' to me
It's like you should know you gonna get beat
Cause you wanted in the zone and I'm throwin' it deap

They see me ,I'm the shit '
I'm gonna tell you who's time is
Ima tell you what time it is
It's 6. 30,6.30 ,do the truth
Do the best,I'm the man
Hands down like 6.30,6.30 do the truth?
Do the best,I'm the man ,hands down
It's 6.30,6.30 do the truth?
Do the best ,I'm the man
Hands down like 6.30 ,6.30
Do the truth? do the best
I'm the man ,hands down ,down

Excuse-me , oh my ,damn man
I'm so ' the girl been down she no lie
She givin' me ' like a bowtie,like oh my
You're so fine ,pussy is so wet need a blow dry
So I just said I wanna see it in the front
Then I get the shit back ,I ain't got no time
I got a fat ass girl cause I eat so good
What a fine ass ,girl
She got tits and a fat ass but she blowin' my dick'
Oh,she's thirsty,she's thirsty than a mug
And she keep that body workin'
Like she workin' off the truck
She perfect as it comes

Rockin' on all in my car ,got 2 bottles of'
We'll poppin' '
But they cost enough to stop us
Look, we steady Wally ,get we ridin' but we never '
If somethin' happens then we were makin' forever'
Ok I got a plan now,yeah , real shit you're shakin' the man now,yeah
But check your ',I'll wrack your '
I'm the best tall ,hands down man
When I get my chain, you know that shit
Gonna have to be rose gold
I'm the 'James in highschool,everyone tellin' me to go pro
Like oh no, I'm the shit '
Let me tell you who's time it is
Ima tell you what time it is
It's 6.30,6.30,do the truth,do the best
I'm the man ,hands down ,like 6.30,6.30
Do the truth,do the best
I'm the man,hands down

It's 6.30,6.30
Do the truth,do the best
I'm the man ,hands down
Like 6.30,6.30
Do the truth,do the best
I'm the man,hands down
Hands down!

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