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A.Tone Da Priest – Watch Me lyrics

Watch me rise very high Up to the top like the sun in the morning sky I fly, star shine, bars rhyme sick, grind on Get mine then I'm gone
Now shit's getting crucial it's, imperative I bring to you the light Or the flame that flame the shall ignite As I burn on the truth shall hit, best who ever gone spit Seen him run it and go like who done it, I erupt wit This bust if it's mandatory shit gets gory Stick around, hear the sound you may not wanna miss this story Of victory and triumph, never all good would be lying if I professed this life, been all but good seen walls fall souls lift Death get grip of the living, violence unforgiving Folks missing the righteous path in favor of bread getting And stunting that dough spending, know just what you gotta have But do you really know, how ya heart go in a Gucci bag Like who we have focused on the right moves, slight dudes Don't see the bigger picture I infer that they might be fools Who break the rules, who doesn't though? I guess were all the same So humane, yet animals we all tryna be king

Get mine then I'm gone, there's only so much time to spare Wasting it and playing with this life unaware Of the scares and consequences, shit gets tough the pain relentless To it be a victim, and live in this world a slave indentured Servant with the service of learning all you can take in And put back into action; make the earth a better place Then it was before, what's it store for you can't see the future If you repeat your mistakes then your fate shall be loser Newer, ways to get paid everyday Oh the paper flow not stagnant rapid waves the whole way What them naysayers say, hate, nothing but it give a fuck it's Me who makes it all so worth living, they ain't made a buck yet Make cut backs from those who try to distract on this mission Firm decisions set in stone, when I make em know niggas listen From a distance, I grab a hold of all who let me in May have a prescription or perfect vision, but you can't see him

When a star shines, it's never hard to see Less you are blind it always where you expect it to be Making heat performing feats, giving life to all it touches
Sun shit, uplift then dip when I'm done with

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