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A.Tone Da Priest – Lullaby lyrics

Dreams are made for comfort, your shield
Time to let your mind do wonders, heal
What is real, who is fiction, characters replaceable
This world is all yours, anything shapeable
Escape a whole ocean of droning and misery
With life out of focus your hope will forever be
A recipe for that satisfaction
So absent, no fear, no bad men so you can just
Close your eyes, sleepless lullaby’s
It’s in your mind, all that you despise
And that’s all right, you’re in paradise
Just no more cries, now that it’s up to you
If I’m falling understand me calling
Out for help, my words could never tell
Dry your tears no balling, hear the angels calling out
“Believe our love will never fail”
[Verse 2:]
Are you certain, you want to be like them?
Is it hurting, the message we never send
Could spend a whole fortune, to hide the pain
When before then, all you feel is the same?
No blame to place, or man to hate
Just innovate, recreate
Situations are your creation
It’s your mind; you wanna save it you can just
(Bridge 2)
Close your eyes, faceless lullaby’s
It’s in your mind, all that you despise
And that’s all right, you’re in paradise
Just no more lies, now that it’s up to you
Keep focus, on what you need
Can’t live, just off greed
Plant seeds, it heeds a fortune
Of course when the source is out of proportion
Retorting the arts stand the test of emission
Persistence has often a scent of definition
Or a mission, goal to get better than before
The score is risen, so much capable of more
(Bridge 1)

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