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Asia Lynn – Bite My Swag lyrics

Candy Painted Nails
With my betsey johnson bag
Lips macked up
Make you wanna bite my swag (4x)

Verse 1:
Miss Pretty is back on this JHawk Beat
I'm ridin shot gun yall holdin the back seat
With a swag so neat
No need to compete
All you looking at my records
When they say freking beat
I know you heard about me
Stay fly stay clean
And you always gonna catch me in the hells bells team
Only fucks with the best
Only roll with the illest
Chelsea and saynas boss bitches we the realest
Hate all you want cuz I love my haters
Thinking you a trendsetter I am the creator
Now lemme grab my louis gucci and my juicy
Mac red lips like
I love lucy
Diamonds on my nails, diamonds on my necklace
Got yo nigga sayin damn girl you a bad bitch
Uh cause I'm a first round draft pick candy painted nails and I'm so damn famous
Candy Painted Nails
With my betsey johnson bag
Lips macked up
Make you wanna bite my swag (4x)

Verse 2:
Now a diva is a female version of a hustla of a hustla of a of a hustla
I shine like luster, I'm sweet like honey mustard
Got you bitches nervous and scared you in a fuster
Got quite a big selection ya'll hoes ain't qot nada
And I can't forqet my couture, juicy, and my swaqqa
And my body so curvy like tha sierra Navada
Excuse me if my swag is on point
I'm so damn hot I am at my melting point
And uh long hair long hair don't care
I walk in the room and all the boys just stare
And you know I'm the baddest
And no need to compare
And I will make you drop to the floor
You will need medical repair
And you can call me smirf the third
Aye Fuck what you heard sit back and learn sucka

Candy Painted Nails
With my betsey johnson bag
Lips smack gut
Make you wanna bite my swag (4x)

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