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Armada – Dominate lyrics

Verse 1:
Yo I'm a beast at broomball
One theft swoop and I'm making my mark off
Down to my feet
With the smell of defeat
Can't handle me or my bball techniques
Oh please you can't touch this
Better know that I'm a problem when I pick up the stick
In this game I'm a straight up master
Pass me the ball and I cause mass disaster
Face off best believe you can't see me
Where the ball go
Oh no it's in your net b
Step to me you must be fooling
The way I dissect your team will leave you drooling
I'm ruling every time I step on the field
I'm a threat in the game with the stick that I wield
I make opponents look soft
Cause I got as much game as the man they call WASP

Game on I dominate (x8)

Verse 2:
You tired of getting worked all day
Lets switch it up and play some Jenn's game
Just like the flash I'm there and back in a dash
With a flag in my hand or a teammate in a free pass
I'm straight pro getting people out of jail
Hit you with the made you look
Then I'm rushing for the bell
You look real
I'd even say you looking grim
I'm a reaper sending people to jail
Like they committed a sin
You better keep moving
I may walk slow but I walk with a meaning
You don't want nothing with me
If you are in my path better step you see
Teens better step down when I come around
You better stand down or get wrecked down
I'm the grim reaper better give me the stick
Instead of raining down death
I'm raining down jail trips

Game on I dominate (x8)

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