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Arijit Singh – Bojhena Se Bojhena lyrics

Boro Iche Korche Dakte...
Tar gondhe mekhe thakte...
Keno sondhe sondhe namle se palay..
Take atke rakha are chesta...
Aro barie diche
Ami darie dekchi sheshta
Bojhenaaa Se
Bojhenaaa Se
Bojhena... Bojhena.. Bojhena...(2)
Tai swapno swapno logne..
Tar onno onno dakna... Take nitto notun jotne k sajay..
Sob swapno sottie hoykar...
Tobu dekhte dekhte kadchi..
Are hatchi jedike amar duchokh jae... (Bojhenaaa Se Bojhena...
Bojhenaaa Se Bojhena... Bojhena... Bojhena... Bojhena...

Ache songe sottie mithe.. Din Bolche jete jete... Mon gumre gumre morche
Ki upay... Jani swapno sottie hoyna.. Mon mante chaina.. Kno amun ratri
Namche janlay... (Bojhenaaa Se Bojhena... Bojhenaaa Se
Bojhena...)2 Bojhena... Bojhena... Bojhena...(2) Eta golpo hole o parto..
Patta ekta adhta portam.. Khub lukiye bachie rakhtam.. Take... Jani abar
Asbe kalke, niye palki palki bhabna... Fer chole jabe kore ekla
Amake... (Bojhenaaa Se Bojhena... Bojhenaaa Se Bojhena...)2
Bojhena... Bojhena... Bojhena...(2)

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Corrected byAbhisek Panigrahi


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    Eta golpo hole o parto - this could had been a story instead (the poet is thinking it would had been better if this would had been a story instead of being reality).
    Patta ekta adhta portam - would have read a half page instead (continuing, the poet says had this been a story he would had instead read just half the page of the story). Khub lukiye bachie rakhtam. Take - would had kept her wid myself. Very secretly. Not revealing her to anyone(continuing, the poet is saying had this been a story instead, he would had kept her wid himself. Only himself!).
    Jani abar.
    Asbe kalke, niye palki bhabna(i know she will vome again tomorrow and will again bring innumerable thoughts fr me with herself). Fer chole jabe kore ekla.
    Amake(and will again go away, making me alone again!).
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