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Andromeda – Castaway lyrics

At the time I left land and sailed away
Never knew I would end up a castaway
Wind went hard and the sky had tears for me
The sea was all that I saw, my enemy

There are days that I wake up and strongly believe
There are ways to escape, I myself might deceive
In the bottles I've sent, I reached out for a hand
But as sure as I'm here, they have never seen land

Castaway, your clouds are in the way of light
I am stumbling blind
Castaway, your thoughts, remembered by the prints
That I left behind

I know, but it's so hard to show
Myself a way, to a better day
I know that I am destined to live
A life in memory, companion to my misery

I've seen ships passing by, but they've never seen me
And for each day that pass without being free
I will moulder within with nothing to win
I will gamble my soul to pay any toll
Isolation I face every day, every night
What is real what is not, I keep losing my sight
Who's to care who's to not, I just never might know
For the son God forgot, maybe someday, I hope someday they'll show

I used to love the snow
Can I reach it now
Beyond my dreams somehow
Only the stars look the same
How I'd love to know their names


I know, but it's so hard to show
Myself a way, to a better day
I know that I am destined to live
Trapped by the sea, living in your memory

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