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Andrew Garcia – Crazy lyrics

Crazy cus I'm falling in love
Falling deeply in love with you
Yeah, it's so damn true
Friends say I'm outta my mind
That I shouldn't be with you
But they don't understand

The way I feel for you
Is unlike any other thing
I've ever felt before
But they don't understand
That I'm not crazy
I'm just a man
Searching for reasons to find you
Over and over again
I'm not crazy, I'm just a man
I'm doing everything that I can

Crazy cus I'm telling the truth
There's nowhere to run
They're telling me that I should find another one
They can say I'm outta my mind
I'll still be your man
They still won't undersatnd

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    In my opinion this song means the man didn't choose to fall in love with the girl despite her flaws, all he knows is that his in love with her in spite of his friends telling him she's not worth it or not worthy of his love yet he fights for their love by trying to find reasons to love her over and over again though deep down he knows that she is not easy to love. Some kind of love eh! Unconditional.
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    This song's meaning in my opinion is somehow relating to us people.
    In the part when "Friends say I'm out of my mind that I shouldn't be with you" Maybe their friends didn't approve of their relationship and maybe turned them down.
    Saying you're not good together.
    And maybe at that point the girl gave up and parted away with the man an know the man is trying to find her to get back together.
    The part "I'm not crazy I'm just a man" is maybe saying to us that because of you know the friends like saying your crazy if you think you can win her like that and also stating that he's just a man of course he has flaws. Thank you for reading this and if you think I'm wrong it's because it's my opinion so please don't judge me.
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    This song is about a man who loves his gf because she is hot and makes him food because the man is fat but also e really likes her but the girl isn't so shore. She wants to break up with I'm but he is crazy because he loves her but the woman isn't that interested and the man is insane cos he loves her but she don't want him no more. He follows her round and stands at the bottom of her drive at her house in the rain under a lamp post and stares into the house before he invites himself in for a hot chocolate. Shes like "yah its over" but he keeps snap-chatting her asking for a relationship again but again shes like "nah bro" the end.

    P. S. This song is about a phsyco ex boyfriend xoxoxox.
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