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Amon Amarth – Slaves of Fear lyrics

They speak of love and tolerance
They prey on people's ignorance
To make you all
Slaves of fear

They feed on your anxiety
To build their gent society
They kept you down for 1000 years

They nurture prejudice and hate
To them the wars that they create
In the name of one ample god

They gladly sacrifice your life
Increasing power is their price
Without regrets, they'll spill your blood

They're feeding you lies
With calculating smiles
With slaves made of the human mind
As long as you kneel to their authority
Religion, it's what makes you blind

They'll treat all you as mindless fools
They use you as obedient tools
It's time to set your spirit free
This world we cannot tolerate
It's time to seal all preachers fate
We looked ahead from Odin's grave

Your lives are a strain of egotistic chains
They locked you up and threw away the key
Your souls are for sale, and you're the ones who pay
But still, you'll never be set free

They're feeding you lies
With calculating smiles
With slaves made of the human mind
As long as you kneel to their authority
Religion, it's what makes you blind

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    Please, PLEASE do not consider the guy above me's opinions noteworthy. They do not explain the song clearly.

    This song is about enslavement of the human mind by religious practices. They have caused nothing but fear, anxiety, sorrow and war. People die in the name of God, and those who believe become slaves to their fear of eternal hell. People become biased, blind, because of their strong belief in what is unknown. As long as they kneel to religious authorities they will be blind. Judeo-Christian tree of religions is rotten. No one will ever live in unity. Religion feeds you lies. Live your life, not a lie.
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    We're all slaves in this world that has been taken over a very long time ago, by the fallen angels who did not fall from the clouds, but escaped from war with god in space. Those fallen ones, have enslaved humanity over a thousand years ago. Many thousands actually. It's sad. They made up many religions to rule humanity more easily with. They sent us to many wars & are totally responsible for the sad state of humanity. Everyone soon will know the truth about this after god(jah rastafari) returns as his home planet nibiru approaches for battle with satan & his evil forces. Sadly many of his forces are the you. S. Military & many other militaries around the world, that he'll lie to, to get them to battle jah & the angels. There will be a lot of confusion. Armageddon is near. Amon amarth are angels.
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