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He woke up from dreaming and put on his shoes
Started making his way past two in the morning
He hasn't been sober for days

Leaning now into the breeze
Remembering Sunday, he falls to his knees
They had breakfast together
But two eggs don't last
Like the feeling of what he needs

Now this place seems familiar to him
She pulled on his hand with a devilish grin
She led him upstairs, she led him upstairs
Left him dying to get in

Forgive me, I'm trying to find
My calling, I'm calling at night
I don't mean to be a bother,
But have you seen this girl?
She's been running through my dreams
And it's driving me crazy, it seems
I'm gonna ask her to marry me

Even though she doesn't believe in love,
He's determined to call her bluff
Who could deny, these butterflies?
They're filling his gut

Waking the neighbors, unfamiliar faces
He pleads, oh he tries
But he's only denied
Now he's dying to get inside

Forgive me, I'm trying to find
My calling, I'm calling at night
I don't mean to be a bother,
But have you seen this girl?
She's been running through my dreams
And it's driving me crazy, it seems
I'm gonna ask her to marry me

The neighbors said she moved away
Funny how it rained all day
I didn't think much of it then
But it's starting to all make sense
Oh, I can see now that all of these clouds
Are following me in my desperate endeavor
To find my whoever, wherever she may be

[Juliet Simms:]
I'm not coming back, (forgive me)
I've done something so terrible
I'm terrified to speak, (I'm not calling, I'm not calling)
But you'd expect that from me
I'm mixed up, I'll be blunt;
Now the rain is just (you're driving me crazy, I'm)
Washing you out of my hair and out of my mind
Keeping an eye on the world,
So many thousands of feet off the ground
I'm over you now
I'm at home in the clouds
Towering over your head

[Alex Gaskarth:]
Well I guess I'll go home now
I guess I'll go home now
I guess I'll go home now
I guess I'll go home.

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  • s
    singer94Feb 4, 2010 at 2:02 pm
    Actually, this song doesn't have anything to do with the fact that this girl committed sucide, as odd as that sounds. In fact, in the song "vegas" he talks about how he would marry that girl if he could. Now in "remembering sunday", he talks about how he lost that very same girl. The part "i'm at home in the clouds" is about being on a plane. She didn't commit suicide, she just simply left him. You don't think this is true? And even on an interview with alex, he told them the meaning of this song, and that is what he said. So no, she did not commit suicide to those of you who think she did.
  • e
    eM-tAY12Jan 10, 2009 at 7:40 pm
    Okay, I love this song and I think it means..
    This boy meets this girl,and she falls in love with him,she tries to hint towards him that she's in love with him but he doesn't see what she's trying to do. She thinks he just doesn't love her back like that.. But that one sunday that they spent together,he will never forget because that is where he fell in love with her and he never wants to forget that day. He's in love with her too..but doesn't want to say anything because he's not sure she feels the same. He finally realizes he's just going to go for it and ask her out, or to "marry him" as in the song. He goes to her place,and finds strangers."the neighbors said she moved away,funny how it rained all day" He doesn't know where she went but he figured it out..after "Funny how it rained all day I didn't think much of it then,but it's starting to all make sense" he realizes that she had killed herself because she loved him but she thought he didn't love her. He thinks it's his fault,and so he kills himself too to be with the one he loves.

    ..that's what I think:)
  • rainydays
    rainydaysJul 8, 2009 at 1:09 am
    I agree with Raven_Cartel13.
    Personally I really relate to this song.
    It's a guy who has fallen unconditionally in love with a girl.
    The girl doesn't believe in love, probably because shes been hurt to many times before, but finds herself falling for this this guy.
    She doesn't think shes worthy of him, and tries to convince him that he deserves better. The guy would die for her, give her anything she desired, even if it meant he couldn't have her. In the song when it refers to "The neighbors said she moved away. Funny how it rained that day", he's realized what happened, and just like a cartoon when your sad rain clouds follow over your head. When she says "I'm over you now, I'm at home in the clouds", shes telling him that shes happy without him and for him to move on, that she's gone. She's lying so he'll get over her. When she says "I'm not coming back, I've done something so terrible" Shes killed herself and sh believes it cannot be forgiven. Shes saying I'll be watching over you, ten thousand feet off the ground. Every morning since that day he wakes up remembering the Sunday he fell in love. Every day he falls to his knees in despair. And every night he drinks away the more sober side of him, trying to drown his misery in alcohol, anything to chase away his pain. Then time repeats itself.
  • h
    henrythemanNov 29, 2008 at 3:36 am
    i agree for the first half but disagree with the second part. i believe the first part is true until the plane thing. I think when she says she's done something terrible she committed suicide. and the neighbors don't want to have to tell him because they don't want to have to bring the bad news. when it gets to the part where she is thousands of feet over the ground i think she's saying she's in heaven and she's watching over him... which is also why the clouds are following him in his desperate endeavor because she is in the clouds watching over him. and she's at home (in heaven) in the clouds. and then he finally finds out she's dead so all can really do is just go home because he has nothing else to do now.
  • r
    Raven_Cartel13Apr 25, 2009 at 11:28 pm
    Honestly, the song is one beautiful story of loneliness. Here's how I see it:

    He wakes up sick of himself, having been drinking his problems away. He falls to his knees in misery. "Remembering Sunday" implies that this beginning is the present and that the man is recalling the Sunday he spent with the girl of his dreams. The story doesn't say what day it currently is, but it has to have been within a week. As he heads out, he passes a familiar place, a place where he and his love spent Sunday together. She led him along, leaving him alone in the end, desperate to be with her. The chorus appears to be a memory of his desperate search for her. The girl, though, never believed she could really be in love with him, and he hunted her down, ready to tell her how he felt. The neighbors told her she moved away and the "rained all day" part is him realizing that he's completely failed at love, followed like the cartoons with miserable people and their hovering rainclouds. The girl's part is her remembering him, apologizing for leaving, but she couldn't stay. She'd done something terrible that made her feel unworthy of him. She may or may not have killed herself, the situation seems to go either way. She says she's "at home in the clouds," possibly meaning heaven. No one know whether to believe this possibility or the neighbors. Either could be correct since her statement has vague implications. All I know is that she's gone and when the man finds this out, he surrenders, heading back home, and here we are at the beginning again. He wakes up every morning, remembering her and the day he fell in love.

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