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Alesana – Early Mourning lyrics

Last night I forgot, how the sound of your voice whispered sweet.
Goodbyes, your eyes, left to die.
I'm alone to understand why.

Why not one more night?
One last kiss goodbye,
My sweet love tonight.
I hope the stars,
Still spell out your name where you are.

Kiss my closing eyes,
Help me sleep.
Without you I'm so lost.
Tonight I cry,
Tell me why?
I can't live without your warm embrace.

Why not one more night?
One last kiss goodbye,
My sweet love tonight.
I hope the stars,
Still spell out your name where you are.

I close my eyes and you are everything I see.

Goodbye to you my love,
I won't forget you.
I'll see you soon,
Goodbye my love.
Goodbye to you my love,
I won't forget you.
Bye, Bye love.

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  • d
    I Absolutely Love Alesana And This Is My Favorite Song By Them. I don't Know What It Means But Everytime I Listen To It I Cry. It Reminds Me Of My Last bf Too. Lol. He Used To Kiss My Closed Eyes, And Hed Stay On The Phone With Me All Night Till I Fell Asleep.
    This Song I Think Means That He Loves Someone So Much But He Has To Let Them Go Because Itd Be Better For The Both Of Them To Just Forget.
    I Love Alesana And I Love This Song.
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  • b
    The general idea is that the song is about someone (it can be a guy or a girl) saying goodbye to the one they love.
    It might be about just breaking up but the song it's called early mourning fpr something.
    Here look at the first thing we hear from Shawns beautiful voice
    "Last nite i forgot how the sound of your voice whispered sweet goodbyes" Ok. So this may be about a break up but then it says "your eyes left to die; I'm alone to understand why... Why not one more night, one LAST kiss goodbye my sweet love tonight... I hope the stars still spell out your name WHERE YOU ARE"
    So. This means that indeed it is about someone that died.
    Then well. I'm not going to explain all the song 'cause it would be killing the feelings that this beautiful song inspires.
    There are different reasons but in the end we all love Alesana. And to some of us. This song has a really big emotional value
    So. This is my meaning: 3
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  • w
    Isn't it mourning? I think this song is about a guy in love with a girl who died, too soon, hence Early mourning, and he misses her, he wants to know why he can't live without her and hopes that where she is,(heaven) she is happy 'i hope the starts still spell out your name wherever you are' he still loves her and misses her and thinks about her all the time 'i close my eyes you are everything I see\'.
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